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Booty Os creator (and notorious weird eater) Xavier Woods is out here causing trouble on National Cereal Day

It’s national cereal day! I know this because Twitter hasn’t only given us a way to be mean to each other about firmly entrenched opinions we have no intention of ever changing, it’s made it easy to know when a bunch of “hashtag holidays” are.

So we can then be mean to each other about the firmly entrenched opinions we have no intention of ever changing regarding the things those “holidays” celebrate.

That may not have been Xavier Woods’ intent when posing a #NationalCerealDay question this morning (Mar. 7). It could have been done in the spirit of genuine curiosity. But, as one might expect from a man who eats chocolate ice cream he’s crumbled Cool Ranch Doritos into, Woods is causing a bit of a stir online when he asks...

The meltdown which follows - arguments that it can’t be because it’s cold (made by poor souls unfamiliar with Gazpacho), lots of folks who eat it dry right from the box who are offended by the whole question, even an “it’s a stew” camp - is predictable, if remarkably civil considering how nasty the whole hot dog/sandwich argument can still get.

My two cents? Cereal is an ingredient. If you pour milk over it, you’ve created a cold soup. But on its own it’s not any more of a soup than chicken, noodles or tomato is.

But don’t spend too much time debating it. Everybody’s probably dug into their side already. And the benefit of the doubt I was giving Woods above?

Just what you’d expect from a cool ranch Doritos and chocolate ice cream-eating mad man.

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