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Paul Heyman and WWE are again promising Brock Lesnar will confront Roman Reigns on Raw

During the promo which closed Raw last night (Mar. 5), Paul Heyman promised Brock Lesnar will show up next Monday in Detroit and give Roman Reigns the opportunity to “do something” ahead of his Universal title clash with Heyman’s client at WrestleMania 34. WWE is playing up Heyman’s vow and Lesnar’s next date in their website’s write-up about the latest Raw.

Which is, of course, exactly what happened for Brock’s scheduled appearance on the Elimination Chamber fallout show on Feb. 26. The Beast Incarnate “no showed” amidst rumors he was negotiating a return to UFC, Reigns railed against him for it, and once reports came out that it was all an angle, a lot of fans grumbled.

How far is WWE willing to push the “entitled” gimmick for Brock (if it is a gimmick)? Will he definitely show up on Mar. 12? If he’s only going to be there to jog behind Heyman while Roman and the Advocate exchange words again, would he - and a storyline designed to get fans behind Reigns - be better served not showing up?

Whether Brock does show his face at Little Ceasars Arena next Monday or not, the meta-madness will continue.

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