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With Brock Lesnar at home, Paul Heyman & Roman Reigns battle on the mic


Following one week of radio silence on all fronts, Paul Heyman was given his chance to speak on the behalf of Brock Lesnar. Last week on Monday Night Raw, Roman Reigns dunked on Lesnar and hung on the rim for a few extra seconds.

Framed as the main event of Raw, Heyman walked to the ring carrying the Universal title but without Brock. Heyman wasn’t here to entertain but to deliver a message on behalf of his client.

The crux of Heyman’s message is that Brock Lesnar can do whatever he wants. If Lesnar wanted to lay down the Universal championship and the UFC heavyweight championship down in the ring he could do that.

Heyman also promised if Reigns wanted to do anything about it, he can go face-to-face with Lesnar next week on Raw when the champion will make an official appearance.

Overall, it was one of Heyman’s best promos, maybe in years. Just when you thought Heyman was done with his time on the mic, Reigns’ music hit and The Big Dog strolled down to the ring.

Reigns, to his credit, went word-for-word with Heyman in his rebuttal. His final warning to Heyman was that his client should not come to Raw next week “dressed for a promo segment, he should come dressed for a fight.”

Two weeks, two powerful promos from Roman Reigns.

Who would have thought it?

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