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Watch Mustafa Ali sell the hell out of his Cruiserweight Title Tournament match with Buddy Murphy on 205 Live

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In case you haven’t heard, WWE Network’s cruiserweight show 205 Live has turned a corner.

Since Enzo Amore was released by the company, the reins on the brand reportedly handed from Vince McMahon to Triple H and DRAKE MAVERICK appointed as kayfabe authority figure, a tournament to determine the next champion has put the focus on in-ring action and drawn praise from the show’s target audience.

It even got noted vanilla midget hater Kevin Nash Geno Mrosko to praise 205 Live.

We’ll have to wait and see if getting its core fanbase back on board is enough to make the purple brand a successful business unit for WWE. Having a marketable Superstar to promote would go a long way toward helping the cruiserweights bring people who usually only watch Raw or SmackDown into the fold. Someone with a big character/ compelling story who also exemplifies the division’s wrestling-first appeal.

While everyone left in the tournament - and some eliminated competitors, and definitely a couple rumored additions to the brand - could fit the bill, this promo from Mustafa Ali for his second round match against Buddy Murphy on Mar. 6 might have just swung my (nonexistent) vote to the Chicagoan.

I know it makes the match must-see. Check it out:

Family man, Muslim-American former police officer who can deliver a promo like he’s the babyface version of Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose’s pre-WWE name) and hit an inverted 450?

Sign me up. You in?