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You need to watch Mustafa Ali’s latest amazing promo for his WrestleMania match against Cedric Alexander

Seriously. This man is on fire right now.

“In a few days, it’s gonna be WrestleMania. Ali vs. Alexander for the Cruiserweight Championship. And they’ve been calling this match ‘The Heart of 205 Live vs. The Soul of 205 Live’. I like it. It’s catchy.

The thing is though, people seem to think heart and soul are the same, like they’re interchangeable. Totally different. Just like Cedric and Ali are totally different. When Cedric started out, they told him he’s something special. He’s gonna be a star. Hell, he’s gonna be a champion. That’s where you went wrong, Cedric. You went from wanting to be a champion to expecting to a champion. And you know me, homie. I don’t expect anything.

No, I’m the guy who they slammed the door, right on my face. I’m the guy they said ‘no’ to. I’m the back-up - the alternate - at the Cruiserweight Classic. It’s like I’m the last guy they think about, but I’m gonna fix all that by being the last guy standing in this tournament.

You know what else is different between you and I, Cedric? Heart, and soul. And you’re gonna learn the difference between the two at WrestleMania. There’s gonna be a point in that match, like you said, where you’re gonna try to stomp out the heart of Mustafa Ali. You’re gonna stomp it until that heart doesn’t beat any more. But while you’re doing that, Cedric, you’re not gonna hear 70,000 people. Nah, man, you’re not gonna hear anyone chanting your name. Hell, you’re not even gonna hear your daughter who’s sitting in the front row and she’s screaming ‘You’re a champion!’ You’re not gonna hear any of that.

You’re gonna hear one thing and one thing only, and that is the sound of the beating heart of Mustafa Ali - and you’re not gonna know what to do, Cedric! So you stomp a little harder, but the thing is the sound of the beating heart of Mustafa Ali - it just gets louder. So you stomp harder. But the sound, it gets louder. And louder! And then the only thing that you can hear is the sound of the beating heart of Mustafa Ali - and it’s at that moment, Cedric, at that moment, for the first time in its existence, that the soul of Cedric Alexander, it questions itself. The soul of Cedric Alexander, it doubts itself. And eventually the soul of Cedric Alexander, it’s gonna run. It’s gonna leave your body, Cedric! Your soul will run and it will leave your body - and then, Cedric? It’s just you in the ring. And across the ring, you see Mustafa Ali rise to his feet. The man who’s heart beats for a million others, and then you lock eyes with Mustafa Ali.

And then, Cedric? You learn the difference between heart and soul! You learn that the soul runs, it leaves the body. But the heart? It stays!

Cedric, you are my brother, and you are my friend. But at WrestleMania, you’re not a friend. You’re just in the way. And I know you’ve thought about this your entire life. You’re destined for this. You’re supposed to win at WrestleMania.

Cedric, the hardest fights? They’re the ones you’re supposed to win.”

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