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AJ Styles was bothered fans were worried about his injury

Just over a week ago, AJ Styles suffered some sort of injury that kept him out of some WWE house shows. While he didn’t miss any episodes of SmackDown Live, he didn’t get physical on the next show after the injury, clearly giving himself time to heal from whatever issue was affecting him.

Fans, naturally, worried about this, considering we’re so close to WrestleMania 34 and his planned WWE championship match with Shinsuke Nakamura.

Now, Styles tells For the Win he was bothered by all the anxiety from the fan base, even if he was also appreciative of the concern:

“A little of nothing. It was just one of those… got hit in the back of the knee. I think it scared more people than it actually scared me. I knew I was going to make it to WrestleMania, there’s nothing wrong with me. ... Yeah, I mean it really does bother me because they don’t know the extent of it. They started worrying, more than anything, which I appreciate that, but it’s just one of those things where you’ve got to wait to hear the facts and information before you get so worked up about something. It is what it is, and we can’t stop this from happening, but why don’t we hear from the guy who actually has the issue before we jump to conclusions and get worried?”

It didn’t help matters that Triple H came right out and said “Obviously we’ll get him doctors to make sure that he is ready to go and get him medical clearance if that’s possible, but he’s working very hard at it and hoping for the best.” All this while it was never clear what the actual injury was, and he still isn’t making it clear by simply saying he got hit in the knee.

That’s a recipe for anxiety.

All’s well that ends well anyway, right?

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