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Brock Lesnar wins 35-second match at WWE house show in Chicago, fans get upset

WWE made a big story about Universal Champion Brock Lesnar missing this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, turning it into a game of “work or shoot?” We still don’t really know how much is reality and how much is storyline — probably a mixture of both — but they did promise that he would return for the house show he was advertised for tonight (Mar. 3, 2018) in Chicago.

Sure enough, he was there.

And worked a 35-second match against Kane:

Some video, with a key quote at the end:

That’s a fan shouting “we paid for this?”

Someone actually timed it:

Lesnar and Paul Heyman hightailed it to the back right after and the fans weren’t happy about that either:

Of course, if the story is that Lesnar doesn’t care and Roman Reigns is the hero because he does, then this plays right into that. After all, you would never see Reigns do such a thing!

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