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An alternate ending to the WrestleMania 34 main event

Maybe, just maybe, there’s a way this story ends with a bang

Everybody knows what will happen at the end of Universal Champion Brock Lesnar’s match against Roman Reigns.

And everybody has known it for what feels like the past year.

Reigns goes over. He raises the title with the WrestleMania logo behind him. The crowd furiously boos. Fade to black.

But I ask, “Why not do something different?”

I offer an alternate ending for this predictable movie, which I first shared on this week’s edition of the Fourth Wall Wrestling Podcast.

“You have Brock Lesnar beat Roman Reigns clean. After the match and after all these problems leading up to it, they shake because it was a brutal battle in the ring. Reigns kind of embraces Brock and talks to Paul Heyman a little bit. At that point, you have a ton of cameras around, so keep that in mind.

“On Raw, Heyman comes out and it’s the same old shtick. ‘No one can beat Brock Lesnar. He’s going to hold the UFC Title, he’s going to hold the Universal Title at the same time.’ Same old stuff that we’re used to hearing from Brock and Paul. Roman comes back out and says I want one more match. Lesnar goes to the ropes, laughs at him, but behind him, Paul goes, ‘You want one more match? You got it!’ Brock turns around and goes, ‘What are you doing?’

“Main event in front of the hottest crowd of the year—the double cross. Paul Heyman turns on Brock, giving Reigns the title. Brock goes on his merry way and with all those cameras (at WrestleMania), you can see Reigns telling Paul, ‘I’ll call you tonight,’ and they come up with this big plan.

“Then what you have is a situation where Paul Heyman can say the same things for Roman Reigns and it would be the worst—Reigning, defending champion, Roman Reigns’ and then you can run any face in the company against him and you can also run these heels who happened to get cheered like Rusev, for example, or Elias against him. Samoa Joe. No matter who you run, it is going to be Hulk Hogan NWO bad.”

We discuss the Undertaker and John Cena, Daniel Bryan’s announcement and more on the latest edition of the Fourth Wall Wrestling Podcast. Listen on the player below or by clicking here. New episodes every week.

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