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Ronda Rousey says she’s only in WWE to enjoy herself, will walk away if that stops being true

Here’s an interesting quote from the above “candid” chat with Ronda Rousey filmed during her trip to ESPN this week (which ended better then it started):

“I’m only here [WWE] really to enjoy myself. That’s the only thing that’s never really been a priority in my life. I think the only big risk is someday I will stop enjoying myself and have to just do what’s best for myself and my family and walk away.”

On the one hand, it’s a very honest answer, and one that should resonate well with fans who often want to see celebrities happy and grateful for the opportunity to be chance to do what they see as a dream job. With answers like that, it’s hard to lob complaints at Ronda the way people do at Brock Lesnar, who angers some for not loving wrestling enough and only being in the business for a paycheck.

On the other, it’s difficult to not read this as a warning that we shouldn’t get used to seeing Rousey in the squared circle. She speaks elsewhere in the interview with Brett Okamoto about sticking with mixed martial arts and the UFC only because she felt obligated to, and her view of a career in WWE doesn’t sound like something she’ll feel a similar obligation to stick around for if it’s not making her happy.

Ronda also describes pro wrestling as “going down my bucket list before I get barefoot and pregnant”. So...

It’s an interesting interview, covering what she’s most nervous about heading into WrestleMania, WWE’s approach to her promos and her issues with public speaking, and more. Plus, no one asked about time travel!

But we already know she can’t go back in time to fight in the Octagon. This interview makes you wonder if a trip to the future would find her on a WWE card.

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