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WWE Mixed Match Challenge results, Week 11: Sasha Banks & Finn Balor vs. Becky Lynch & Bobby Roode

Round three!


The eleventh episode of Mixed Match Challenge streams live tonight (Tues., Mar. 20, 2018) starting at 10 p.m. ET on Facebook Watch. If you need help figuring out how to watch the show, click here.

The last semifinal match-up in the tournament features the Monday Night Raw team of Sasha Banks and Finn Balor taking on the SmackDown Live team of Charlotte Flair Becky Lynch and Bobby Roode. We’ll have coverage of the show below.

Mixed Match Challenge Week 11

Geno here. Let us do this.

Charlotte is out after what was reported as gum surgery, so WWE did a fan vote to replace her. They set it up so Becky Lynch would win. She did.

They opened the show acting like it wasn’t obvious who won the poll, even though it showed the results on the Facebook page. Interesting they had Becky work a match on SmackDown knowing this would happen when neither Carmella nor Lana were on the show. Lynch, then, got no reaction from the audience for her entrance. For that matter, neither did Roode, who opened SmackDown.

Both Banks and Balor got a good response, for what it’s worth.

Raw General Manager Kurt Angle is the person hanging out in the comments on Facebook this week. They cut to him in a locker room and he was looking at his phone like he’s never seen one before.

Balor & Banks vs. Roode & Lynch

The fellas started out but only until Bobby could work his “glorious” schtick and Finn could respond to it by too sweet’ing Roode’s forehead. The ladies demanded to be tagged in at that point so they could work their magic.

Sasha and Becky were getting along despite the wrestling and then they turned on each other after a refusal to shake hands. Becky said she loved what Bayley did on Raw and Sasha screamed out “you don’t know who I am.” They went at it a bit more until tagging back out.

Michael Cole tried to say Balor vs. Roode is considered a “dream” match to many in the sports entertainment world. They went to another stalemate before tagging the women back in, who did the same before tagging back out again.

Balor looked to have Roode beat and setting up for the Coup de Grace but Sasha wanted to tag in. She did so and hit the double knees on Becky before doing a dive to the outside on Roode. When Banks finally got back in the ring to deal with Lynch, Becky surprised her with a rollup and it got the three count.

Bobby Roode & Becky Lynch def. Finn Balor & Sasha Banks

That sets up Roode and Charlotte vs. Miz and Asuka in the Finals in Nashville next week. That’s five nights before the WrestleMania 34 SmackDown women’s title match.

In a surprise, Angle’s music hit after the match. He came out with microphone in hand.

“Hello, Pittsburgh. It’s been a very chaotic yet exciting night for the Mixed Match Challenge. Charlotte Flair goes down with an injury but the WWE Universe picks Becky Lynch for her replacement, her temporary replacement. Now, the finals next week, and what that consists of, is Miz and Asuka vs. Bobby Roode and Charlotte Flair. But the real winners are the charities, because whoever wins next week, their charity will receive $100,000. Oh it’s true, it’s damn true.”


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