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WWE 205 Live results (Mar. 27, 2018): High-stakes Fatal 4-Way

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Here's a place to check results and comment along with the latest airing of WWE 205 Live as it airs on WWE Network.

The finals of General Manager DRAKE MAVERICK’s Cruiserweight Championship Tournament are set, and Mar. 27’s show from Pittsburgh will definitely be building toward Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali’s battle for for belt at WrestleMania 34 on April 8! They got along last night on Raw when they defeated TJP and Drew Gulak. But with so much on the line, will they be able to keep things peaceful and respectable-like for much longer?

Plus, DM THE GM is trying to figure out the pecking order for title shots after ‘Mania, and based on the peacekeeping abilities they’ve shown throughout Hideo Itami’s issues Lucha House Party, Akira Tozawa and Kalisto will get a chance to impress him when they face another former Cruiserweight champ in TJP and the returning Buddy Murphy in Fatal 4-Way action. And, this afternoon, he announced a singles match for this episode!

We'll post match results and plot developments here. And this gives you Cagesiders a dedicated place to rave and/or bitch about whatever goes down on the WWE’s cruiserweight showcase - while it’s being broadcast!

Enjoy the show!

- Voiceover guy introduces the competitors in the Fatal 4Way, and each gets a little promo to explain how they’re going to win and impress DRAKE MAVERICK for a future title shot

- After the intro video, Nigel McGuinness and Vic Jospeph welcome us to Pittsburgh. They hype the Fatal 4Way as well, and promise words from Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali ahead of their WrestleMania championship match. DRAKE MAVERICK is on commentary for our opener.

- Mark Andrews def. Tony Nese via pinfall following a Shooting Star Press.

With commentary reminding us both men lost to Drew Gulak in the tourney, Nese overpowers Andrews at the outset. The Brit sends him to the floor with a rana, but Tony cuts off a follow-up dive and covers for two. Things stay on the ground as Nese puts the boots to him and uses the ropes to choke him. A back elbow and an enziguri get Mark in control, and he gets a nearfall of his own off a tornado DDT. When Nese tries to escape, Andrews moonsaults from the top to the floor. Back in the ring, a follow-up aerial maneuver is cut off, and a gut buster and clothesline both result in two counts from Nese. The action procedes in and out of the ring as they brawl, but Andrews eventually counters a powerbomb into a double stomp, then hits Stundog Millionaire to set up the finish.

Drew Gulak watched from a monitor backstage, and after winning, MAVERICK agrees to give Andrews a match against Gulak next week. Dasha Fuentes catches up with Drew backstage. He’s sorry for hurting Mark’s feelings in the tournament when he held onto his submission a tad too long, but he’s the best submission specialist in WWE, and if you step to him, you will TAP OUT. Powerpoint is gone for good, folks.

- DRAKE MAVERICK interviews Ali and Alexander. They’re both blown away that they’ve reached WrestleMania, and will get to face a friend. Cedric says he’s planning on making his daughter proud when he wins the belt. Mustafa calls him on that, because that’s not how his story usually ends... Alexander’s pen usually runs out of ink. Ali says he’s writing his own story, and he plans to raise the belt over his head at ‘Mania. He asks what Alexander is willing to do to change his story. Ced promises to stomp out “The Heart of 205 Live”, and Ali says that’s what he’ll have to do. They clasp hands to end the segment.

- Buddy Murphy def. Kalisto, Akira Tozawa and TJP via pinfall after Murphy’s Law to TJP

Honestly, trying to recap this thing is beyond me. I don’t know how Rev. Claire does it half the time. Anyway, this was ~15 super-fun minutes of wrestling, noteable for TJP’s crazy multi-person submissions, Murphy out-lucha-ing Kalisto at times and a great structure which allowed for storylines to be advanced (largely Lucha House Party’s rivalry with Tozawa and Itami, which showed Akira and Kalisto working together in a way you’d expect from their being the “cooler heads” of their teams... until they couldn’t anymore). Those two bickering helped clear the ring for Buddy to finish things off, first with a corkscrew dive onto all three, then after a surviving a roll-up attempt, with his sweet finisher (a pumphandle swinging DVD).