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Alexa Bliss on Nia Jax match at WrestleMania 34: ‘It’s going to be a struggle’

Alexa Bliss is getting a single’s match at WrestleMania 34, a Raw women’s title defense against her best friend (in reality) Nia Jax. The story they’re telling is about the dissolution of that friendship because Bliss is, well, a horrible person. She’s a manipulator who has used her friend for her own gain and actually holds awful opinions about her.

She’s counting on that story ensuring their match stands out from the rest on a crowded card on April 8, 2018, at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. That’s what she told Sportsnet. But she also knows it’s going to be a struggle, if only because of the size difference:

“I do feel more comfortable working with Nia one-on-one, but it’s going to be a struggle. Obviously, I’m not going to pick Nia up and suplex her, let’s be honest. It’s not going to happen, I’m five foot. My tactic has to be completely different facing Nia than it does any other woman on the roster because she is a female monster. I have to take a different approach to it and use my brain more rather than relying on my technical wrestling skills. I know that I’m going to have to bring her down to my level, bring her down to my height. So I might have to take out a knee or two.”

There are some fans who have a problem with the story, considering it’s a way to make Nia feel bad about her body, but Bliss is positioned quite clearly as the villain. She’s wrong, and now it’s time to get great pleasure out of watching her lose what she holds most dear precisely for being wrong.

And that’s how they’ll have to make the match great. That cathartic release.

We’ll see if they can pull it off in two weeks.

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