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Bray Wyatt has been found, and Matt Hardy says he’s changing like Brother Nero

WWE has picked up on the video he posted about finding Bray Wyatt’s lantern on his Compound, but Woken Matt Hardy is staying one step ahead of everyone in teasing the next twist and turn in the storyline of his deletion of the Consumer of Terrestrial Entities, Bray Wyatt.

It seems Matt’s trusty drone Vanguard1 tracked down Wyatt, and he is now without the spirit of his beloved Sister Abigail...

And once he accepts her absence, or even if he doesn’t, the Woken One is promising Bray will emerge a changed man... just like his sibling Jeff after being cured of that spot monkey addiction:

Rumors have been saying Bray is in line for a gimmick tweak after Monday, Mar. 19’s “Ultimate Deletion”, and this makes it seem we could see whatever change is coming for Wyatt on Raw sooner rather than later.


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