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Triple H is going to pad his record for most WrestleMania losses this year

This list of Superstars with the most losses from WWE is an interesting way to look at the careers of the five guys on it.

Because to lose at WrestleMania a lot means you’ve made it onto the card for The Showcase of the Immortals a lot. So even though these wrestlers have lost at 25 - 35% of all WrestleManias, well, you get it.

While it’s really impressive that Jericho’s managed to make the list without being one of Undertaker’s victims at ‘Mania, it’s also pretty amazing that Triple is almost certainly going to pad his lead in New Orleans on April 8. His wife is probably taking the pin (or submitting) to the new signee, but Ronda Rousey isn’t likely to lose her WWE debut, meaning The Game will have a 13th loss on his record.

Here’s the list (not to be confused with “The List” of the first guy on it):

4. (tie) Chris Jericho - 9
4. (tie) Kane - 9
2. (tie) Shawn Michaels - 11
2. (tie) Big Show - 11
1. Triple H - 12

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