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Still no sign of Bray Wyatt at The Hardy Compound four days after ‘Ultimate Deletion’

Wrestling fans are very worried excited about Bray Wyatt after “Ultimate Deletion” went down on the Mar. 19 episode of Raw. The former WWE champion disappeared in the Lake of Reincarnation, and that could mean a gimmick tweak, or complete overhaul, for a character that some feel has achieved all he can in The ‘E.

Whether you subscribe to that theory or not, Woken Matt Hardy* is fueling the speculative fires with their new video chronicling the aftermath of The Great War.

It’s also a clever bit of business that keeps House Hardy players Señor Benjamin, Skarsgård and King Maxel (not to mention Queen Rebecca, playing her haunting piano rendition of “Live In Fear”) on our minds while we await our next trip to The Hardy Compound.

What does the salvaged lantern portend for the Consumer of Terrestrial Entities?

* Perhaps also worth noting - the video is from Hardy’s own YouTube channel, which will do nothing to contradict the narrative WWE isn’t 100% behind his Woken/Broken vision.

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