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WWE really wants you to know Ronda Rousey is training at the Performance Center today

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There was some confusion a couple weeks ago about Ronda Rousey’s schedule. Was she supposed to be in Detroit for Raw? Stamford for training? Somewhere in between?

Let there be no confusion today (Mar. 23) - and not only because she wasn’t announced as appearing anywhere for WWE. She is definitely in Orlando at the Performance Center. We know because WWE won’t stop tweeting videos about it.

An early one got deleted. Whatever was video came along with the tweet, “Now, @RondaRousey moves on to bags. This is look at her third round of 10!” is gone. Was it because of a poor quality recording, or because the responses got ugly? I’m guessing the former, because it’s not like Twitter has necessarily been kind beneath the three remaining clips. And if it’s because the deleted one featured some of the stand up work MMA fans have mocked in the past, well, that didn’t stop WWE from including a bit of her shadowboxing routine in the last one they sent out this afternoon:

As far as the critical comments go... to paraphrase a great Jack Nicholson movie, “forget it, it’s the internet”. She’s working hard to learn the game and WWE was never going to debut someone who’s getting the kind of attention she’s getting in NXT, so let’s just move on.

Regarding the videos... not only is she rolling with the #1 contender to the NXT Women’s title, Rousey is working with Sara Del Rey while wearing a freaking Mt. Rushmore 2.0 shirt! The woman is Death Rey-approved and a Super Dragon fan! What more do you want!