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A date to watch regarding Hulk Hogan’s return to WWE

courtesy HBO Sports

HBO’s Andre The Giant documentary gets a red carpet premiere next Thursday, Mar. 29 in Los Angeles. In addition to executive producer and friend-of-WWE Bill Simmons, the event will be attended by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

We already know from the trailers HBO’s released for the film that interviews with Hulk Hogan will play a significant part in their telling of Andre’s story. Could the premiere event play a significant role in the story of Hogan’s return to the WWE fold after being fired following the release of tapes on which he made racist statements?

Wrestling Observer says Hogan is scheduled to appear at the premiere, which would be his first time at anything WWE-related since his 2015 firing.

Hogan being at the event with major WWE players like Trips and Steph wouldn’t mean he’s officially back, of course. But as PWInsider, who first reported talks between the two parties and got a statement from the company yesterday (Mar. 22), points out, lots of talents appear for WWE and even on shows like Raw and SmackDown without being under contract. Things like HBO’s Andre The Giant, which will have its first airing on the cable network April 10, just two days after WrestleMania 34, are exactly the kind of things WWE would like to have Hulk promoting. Having him do so without signing an official deal could be their way of testing the waters for a full comeback, all while remaining true to their statement that “he is not any under contract with WWE” and they’re only working with him to “help others learn from his mistakes”.

Just another reason to keep your eyes on the Andre doc. We’ll let you know how things play out at the premiere.

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