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Here’s why no one really knows what’s going on with WWE’s ‘Greatest Royal Rumble’ event

WWE is launching a 10-year partnership with Saudi Arabia late next month with a major event dubbed “Greatest Royal Rumble.” When it was originally announced on Mar. 5, the company revealed it would take place at King Abdullah Sports City, a 62,000 seat stadium north of the city of Jeddah, and would feature a 50-man Royal Rumble match.

A couple weeks later, WWE revealed the show will also feature seven championship matches — though the women will not be represented.

Rumors and reports have suggested the show will be broadcast on the WWE Network though WWE has yet to confirm as much. It’s also unclear whether or not this show will be a standalone event outside of regular television storylines or if it will affect the creative direction we see on Raw and SmackDown each week. We don’t even know what prize awaits the winner. Traditionally, the Royal Rumble winner earns a title match.

CBS Sports actually talked to Triple H and asked for details and he gave them an explanation for why so little is known:

“I think we are still kind of exploring the options on it. It’s a little bit of a work in progress. This event sort of came together very, very quickly. It’s three weeks after WrestleMania, which you can imagine putting on a week-long spectacle of that nature and following it up three weeks later in Saudi Arabia with a stadium show takes some logistic work. We are still working through the process, and I think you’ll see some announcements coming up here as we continue to get further in the card, what the show is and all of that. I think you’ll see announcements of the how, where and when.”

The deal is lucrative enough that it made sense for WWE to put this together and simply do whatever it takes to make it work. That just means we’ll have to wait until it’s late in the game to get all the details fans may be curious about.

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