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Tommaso Ciampa issues an open challenge to fight any grandma, any time

Bless your heart pro wrestling fan Anita Smith. If any of my Grandmas were still alive (R.I.P), I would hope they would be trying to fight Tommaso Ciampa in their free time. Somebody has to stand up to Ciampa.

Bake some cookies, buy their grand kids new socks, restock the candy dish with candy no one knew existed still and answer the open challenge to fight Ciampa. These are the daily tasks for all of the best grandmas.

Last night (Mar. 21) on NXT, before he was pummeled by Johnny Gargano, Ciampa interacted with an awesome elderly fan sitting ringside and the result was one of the best pro wrestling GIFs of the year.

See you there? Grandma Anita Smith even named the time and place. Where you at Tommaso Ciampa? Answer the challenge.

Which pro wrestler from the past or present would you like your Grandma to fight?

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