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MMA fighter who KO’d Kimbo Slice is training Stephanie McMahon for WrestleMania

If Stephanie McMahon was truly heartless should would be working with Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes before her match with Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 34. Everybody who followed Rousey’s MMA career knows her biggest weakness in the cage was her striking.

In her final two UFC fights, Rousey was knocked out in highlight reel fashion. Now while Rousey prepares for her first ever pro wrestling match, McMahon is taking it upon herself to hone her striking skills.

If a McMahon sees a weakness in you, they will exploit it.

According to former MMA fighter Seth Petruzelli, best known for his first round knockout of the late Kimbo Slice, McMahon’s striking is on point. Since 2015, Petruzelli has worked at the WWE Performance Center.

McMahon is going to come to WrestleMania looking for a slug fest, isn’t she?

Not to lay her cards completely out on the table but Stephanie McMahon basically just told Ronda Rousey to ‘get these hands’.

How much should the WWE weave in Rousey’s past MMA failures into her first pro wrestling feud?

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