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Report: WWE requires Daniel Bryan to undergo medical testing after every match


When the news broke that Daniel Bryan was finally cleared to return to in-ring action, the story was met with universal joy across the pro wrestling community. After the euphoria of the surprise announcement wore off a little, the next question on everyone's mind was Bryan’s health moving forward.

To their credit, the WWE is taking every precaution in handling the comeback of Bryan. Thanks to a special agreement in his deal, Bryan will see the most extensive post-match testing a pro wrestler has every gotten under WWE’s watch.

In a new report in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required and recommended) a key condition to WWE allowing Bryan to return to the ring is extra medical evaluations.

“The only difference between him and every other wrestler on the roster is that part of his agreement when getting WWE to send him to leading neurologists of Maroon’s choosing to get evaluated, is that he agreed, after every match, until WWE was comfortable that he was okay, he would go to the WWE doctors backstage and get Impact testing and a neuropsychological evaluation done.”

From now until he hangs up his boots for good, anytime Daniel Bryan gets physical in a wrestling ring people will harken back to the two years of medical testing that sidelined him.

With the WWE and Bryan agreeing to extra medical attention after every single match moving forward, it may provide everyone with a little more peace of mind about his long term, post-wrestling health.

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