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Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn fired from SmackDown before attacking Daniel Bryan

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn welcomed Daniel Bryan back with a pair of hugs. One week after putting SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon in the hospital, Owens and Zayn returned to the blue brand to personally thank Bryan.

Not only were Zayn and Owens thanking the SmackDown General Manager for helping them over the past few months in their battle with McMahon, the Canadian pair even extended an offer to join them.

Before Bryan could answer Owens and Zayn, he wanted to address their complete destruction of McMahon. Bryan was upset with the pair but did admit that he often rooted for them because they came up from the same place and have known each other for 15 years.

Despite all of that goodwill, Bryan could not figure out why Owens and Zayn assaulted their boss. At the end of the day, Bryan was left with only one option to deal with his disgruntled employees.

In the moments after being let go, Zayn and Owens shook Bryan’s hand. As they were leaving the ring, Owens jumped Bryan then Zayn pummeled him with punches. In a two on one fight, it looked like it was all over for Bryan before he mounted an amazing comeback.

Alas, that damn numbers game caught up to him.

A superkick to the head, a Helluva Kick and finally a powerbomb outside of the ring left the returning Bryan motionless on the outside. Bryan was loaded up on a stretcher as SmackDown closed out it’s episode.

Whatever does this mean for the future...

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