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Ronda Rousey showed up after Raw went off the air, tossed Dana Brooke

In lieu of having her appear live on the USA Network broadcast of this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE ran a video package featuring Ronda Rousey training and giving an interview alongside General Manager Kurt Angle. It was a powerful video, featuring Rousey in tears opening up — at least somewhat, albeit in a controlled situation — about her mindset following her last loss in the UFC. That’s something she hasn’t done elsewhere to this very day.

She was, however, actually in Dallas for the show, as WWE promised she would be. She appeared in the segment you see above after Raw went off the air. There isn’t much to it. Dana Brooke interrupts her, cuts a promo on her, then tries to strike her. Rousey blocks said strike, grabs her, and throws her across, and out of, the ring.

This may have simply been WWE’s way of paying off the live crowd for sitting through The Ultimate Deletion to close out the live broadcast. Either way, she was there, and YouTube allows us all to see it anyway.

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