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Report: Neville currently in talks with WWE about a possible return

In pro wrestling you can never say never. Just went you think it’s safe to spell out ‘n-e-v-e’, nope, you just can’t finish it. When Neville walked out on the WWE in early October, it wasn’t unreasonable to think as the days passed, the chances of seeing him back sunk lower and lower.

Perhaps because it’s WrestleMania season or because maybe the WWE’s cruiserweight division needs another boost, a new report has surfaced about Neville’s current status.

According to Dave Meltzer in the latest issue of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required and recommended), Neville is currently talking to the WWE about a possible return to the company. Meltzer also noted that a targeted return for the former two-time cruiserweight champion would be sometime in April after the current 205 Live tournament is complete.

Until Neville officially returns to the WWE or is granted his release, let’s sit back and enjoy some of the best King of the Cruiserweight tweets before he went radio silent across all social media platforms on Sept. 28 2017.

Godspeed King Neville, godspeed.

If Neville does return to the WWE, would he go right back to the cruiserweight division or is a prominent spot on the Raw or SmackDown roster more likely?

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