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Kenny Omega’s latest on signing with the WWE, ‘I don’t want to be a robot’


Kenny Omega knows how to read a room and then work the room. In the midst of a blood feud with Cody Rhodes over control of The Bullet Club, Omega found time to stop by Twitch headquaters in Japan for a pretty sweet live stream.

With his Golden Lovers tag-partner Kota Ibushi by his side, Omega played some old school Nintendo games while he interacted with pro wrestling and video game fans alike. Come for the gaming, stay for the steady flow of ‘will he or won’t to the WWE’ questions that tend to follow Omega wherever he goes.

Towards the end of the broadcast, The Best Bout Machine finally fielded a question about why he currently is not signed to a lucrative WWE contract.

“Going back to the last question everyone is asking, if I will go to WWE? Right now the answer is no. I’m just having too much fun doing what I am doing. It really means a lot to me in my profession, to feel like I’m making a difference. I don't want to be a robot. I don’t want to be controlled. Ummm even though there is a lot of great talent, some of my good friends are still in WWE. I wish them all the best but to be able to tell the stories, the kind of stories I want to tell with who I believe are the greatest talents in the world, um that’s most important to me right now.”

Check out the full stream titled ‘Famicom Lovers’ below

Looking at turning 35-years-old before the end of the year, is time running out on Kenny Omega joining the WWE main roster and main eventing major pay-per-views for the company?

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