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WWE names their top 10 biggest signings in history

Top ten lists were made to be debated. This week maybe because Ronda Rousey had a segment on Raw or because John Cena may need a WrestleMania opponent, the WWE released their own ‘10 biggest signings in WWE history

The criteria for this top of list is pretty broad and yet the WWE manged to narrow it down to just 10 names. If the WWE isn’t having fun with the top two, three or four names on the list, they sure appear to be at least smiling at the placement of a few of the names.

Also, would everybody’s current favorite WWE Universal Champion who did not appear this week on Raw, qualify for a list of this type? Was that snub intentional?

The list is kind of all over of the place, but it does manage to get most of the company’s biggest signings over the past 20 years or so in there.

10) Finn Balor

9) Big Show

8) Samoa Joe

7) Goldberg

6) Eddie Guerrero

5) Sting

4) Kurt Angle

3) Ronda Rousey

2) Rey Mysterio

1) Chris Jericho

Interesting timing to have Rey Mysterio so high on a top ten list put out by the WWE. Did WWE get this list right? What your own top 10 biggest WWE signing list consist of?

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