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Woken Matt Hardy deletes Bray Wyatt on Raw

Let’s get weird.

With The Final Deletion and Total Nonstop Deletion in the history books, Woken Matt Hardy got his chance to compete in The Ultimate Deletion.

From the Hardy Compound in Cameron, North Carolina, Woken Hardy and Bray Wyatt tested their skills on the ultimate battlefield.

Could the Woken One live up to the bar he set for himself?


The match started out in Hardy’s outdoor wrestling ring but quickly moved to the woodlands after Wyatt was startled by fireworks. Roaming around the Compound, Wyatt beat on Hardy for a significant portion of the battle with a kendo stick and branch he found lying on the ground.

The two warriors would eventually find themselves in Hardy’s garage where a white grand piano, ladder, and wrestling ring awaited them. Indoors, Hardy was able to turn the tide in the match. A key turning point in The Ultimate Deletion came when the Woken One had to choose to run over his opponent with a lawnmower or wheelchair.

Back outside of the garage, Wyatt dragged Hardy all the way over to the Lake of Reincarnation. With Woken Matt out on his feet, Wyatt had to deal with back-to-back-to-back run-ins, first from Vanguard 1, then from Senor Benjamin, and finally from Brother Nero.

Hardy picked up the three count and followed it up by pushing Wyatt into the lake. Tasked with retrieving the body of Wyatt from the lake, Senor Benjamin said it could not be found.

Will we ever see Bray Wyatt again?

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