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WWE Raw results, live blog (Mar. 19, 2018): The Ultimate Deletion

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Mar. 19, 2018) from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, featuring all the latest build to the WrestleMania 34 pay-per-view (PPV) extravaganza set for early next month in New Orleans.

Advertised for tonight: The Ultimate Deletion is here, Brock Lesnar finally returns to TV, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)


Cursed, black magic night, we’ve been struck down, down in this hell. Spells surround me day and night, stricken by the force of evil light, but I’m still here to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with Raw General Manager Kurt Angle making his entrance.

He comes down to the ring and gets on the mic to welcome us to the show. Unfortunately, he has to start off with some bad news, and that’s that Roman Reigns is still suspended and he will not be here tonight. Brock Lesnar hasn’t made it to the arena yet but he’s been assured by Vince McMahon that Brock WILL be here tonight. Next up, he wants to talk about the tag team battle royal that Braun Strowman won alone last week.

So he had to figure out what to do about that and--

Enter Roman Reigns, through the crowd without music. Kurt informs him that he’s trespassing and Roman doesn’t care. Brock wasn’t here last week or the week before and somebody has to be here to represent the main event of WrestleMania. Angle again says Lesnar will be here and Reigns asks where he is, then. Kurt reiterates that he was told that Brock is running late and Roman laughs about the idea.

Angle tells him if he wants to talk about it he has to do so on his own time outside the arena and Roman asks why he’s suspended, for telling the truth? Kurt says he understands he’s upset and he gets it, he wants to get his hands on Lesnar, but he’ll tell him this-- he’ll have him in three weeks at WrestleMania, and all he has to do is wait.

Instead he’s crawling out his skin and coming here to kick Brock’s ass, but he needs to be patient and believe that he’s gonna have Lesnar in the palm of his hand at WrestleMania 34. The Big Dog says he does understand but he still doesn’t care. This is Dallas, Texas, and he’s made a whole bunch of memories here, and he’s not leaving the ring until he makes one more tonight.

He orders Kurt backstage to talk to whoever he has to because he’s not leaving until he faces Brock tonight. Angle leaves and Reigns grabs a steel chair and sets it up in the ring to have a seat and wait for Lesnar. Three US Marshals come down and get in the ring to escort Roman out. He stares them down and asks them a few questions the mics don’t quite pick up before they start reading him his rights.

Reigns says they’re wasting their time and holds his hands out, at which point he’s handcuffed and goes to leave but one of them grabs his arm and Roman stops short. They keep putting hands on him and the Big Dog is unleashed! He’s clubbing away on the one that started it when the other two come over and he sledges them aside! Putting boots to one guy in the corner...

BROCK LESNAR IS HERE! He runs down and Roman goes to swing the chair but he’s still cuffed and Brock German suplexes him! Lesnar throws a couple chairshots and referees come down to try and get Paul Heyman to call his client off to no avail. Another German suplex! And another chairshot! The Beast stands over Reigns as he writhes in pain and scoops him up for another German, leaving him dumped on the back of his neck!

To the chair again, he kicks Roman aside and wails on his back a few more times! Lesnar finally takes his leave as referees check on Reigns, Heyman draping the Universal Championship over his shoulder... but Brock takes his shirt off and goes back inside for three more chairshots and a German suplex! Again, Lesnar takes his leave and Paul E. gives him his belt back.

...and again he returns to the ring for more violence. Fireman’s carry... F-5!

Now, at last, Brock actually leaves and EMTs hit the ring to load Roman Reigns onto a stretcher. They get him on the gurney and get ready to strap him in... AND BROCK IS BACK! LESNAR RUNS DOWN AND TIPS THE GURNEY OVER! He bends down and gets in Roman’s face before dragging the gurney across the floor! And again, Brock takes his leave as the EMTs get Reigns back upright and we go to break.

Back from commercial and we get a recap of what we just saw, because Raw is three hours long and also what we just saw was pretty cool.

We go backstage where Roman is being wheeled out and into an ambulance.

This feeds into a video package covering recent developments in the women’s division.

Alexa Bliss makes her entrance for a match and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Alexa cuts a promo.

She says she gets it, last week she said some things about Nia Jax that were very hurtful and wrong. She didn’t know she had a worldwide audience listening, but that’s no excuse. She tries to claim that she and Mickie James were joking around and it was just girl talk, and she knows she got carried away in the moment and said things she shouldn’t have and there’s nothing else to say besides “I’m sorry.”

She sincerely apologizes... that she didn’t speak the truth sooner. Her apologizing? Be real, even the word sorry doesn’t fit in her vocabulary and she didn’t lose one ounce of sleep nor feel one ounce of remorse. Nia was humiliated in front of the entire world and Alexa loved every second of it. She never liked Jax, she used her! She says it felt good and she repeats it a little slower so Nia can understand.

How dumb do you have to be to believe that she’d be friends with someone like Nia. She feels so much better now that that’s off her chest, like a whole weight was lifted off her shoulders, three hundred pounds of sad, pathetic loser. Now that she doesn’t have Nia dragging her down she’s gonna do what no one else could and end Asuka’s undefeated streak.

Asuka makes her entrance, but the match will have to wait until after the break.

Alexa Bliss vs. Asuka

Bliss is in control as we join the match, smashing Asuka’s face into the mat and wrenching her neck over the ropes. Asuka returns a body blow, a low kick, but Alexa stays on her and clobbers her on the mat before choking her over the middle rope. Putting boots to her in the corner, another choke, dumping the Empress of Tomorrow to the floor where Mickie runs over for a cheap shot while referee Chad Patton is occupied with the champ.

Outside, smashing Asuka’s face into the apron, mocking her, another face smash, dumping her back in the ring but the cover’s only good for one and Bliss grabs a rear chinlock. From there into a cover, no good, smashing her face into the mat again, drawing her up and Alexa locks the reverse chinlock on again. Asuka begins her comeback, off the ropes, hip attack, another one in the corner, rolling, right hands, pop-up knee to the face and off the ropes with a sliding knee... NOPE!

A kick fends Alexa off, Asuka perches up top but James runs interference and Bliss has a chance to knock her down with an elbow to the face! Booting Asuka to the floor, back inside, a cover comes up empty and this time it’s a rear chinlock to try and grind the Empress of Tomorrow down. Mat slam as a counter, Asuka throws kicks, a forearm, but Bliss throws hands and goes for another cover that can’t quite do it.

Alexa dumps Asuka to the floor and we go to break.

Back from commercial and Alexa is still in charge, stepping over Asuka to climb up top but she gets cut off. Climbing to meet her, thinking about a superplex, Bliss blocks and knocks her off with a headbutt... Yoshi Tonic gets two! Alexa throws a tantrum at the nearfall and goozles her but Asuka fights out. Bliss counters the flurry with a wicked neckbreaker on the knee, Asuka gets another sliding knee in return but it’s only good for a nearfall!

Asuka fired up, dragging the champ up, and the Asuka Lock is applied! A counter countered, two off a victory roll and Asuka grabs an ankle lock, Alexa’s able to get the ropes for a fraction of a second but Asuka rolls her back to the middle! Kicking her off, the Empress of Tomorrow stays on her! Crawling she gets the ropes and forces the break at last!

Bliss rolls to the floor clutching her ankle and referee Chad Patton begins his count. James helps her out...

Asuka wins by countout.

Nia Jax is here! She runs down but Alexa sacrifices Mickie and runs off! Jax gets ahold of her near the ringpost but again Bliss slips away and runs, she’s nearly over the barricade but Nia has her! James from behind, Alexa runs off and Jax throws Mickie into the ringpost! Nia screams in frustration as Bliss makes her way out into the crowd but eventually she realizes she can still give chase and does so, running Bliss off to the back!

Commentary hypes up John Cena wanting an answer from the Undertaker as well as Braun Strowman’s choice of tag team partner for later tonight before sending us to break.

Back from commercial, Kurt Angle is on the phone when Alexa Bliss rolls up to complain.

She says Nia should be suspended, no, arrested! Angle says he’s had enough arrests for tonight and Alexa isn’t gonna tell him what to do. He heard what she said last week and so did millions of young women all around the world. Bliss is supposed to be a role model, so he knows exactly what he’s going to do-- give Nia a match for the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania.

In the main arena, Braun Strowman makes his entrance to address his choice of tag team partners. He soaks in the atmosphere for a moment and says last week he won the tag team battle royal by himself. He carved a path of destruction and now he’s going to WrestleMania, but earlier tonight management informed him he’d have to have a partner. Now, he doesn’t think he NEEDS a partner, and as a matter of fact he knows he can win the tag titles by himself.

Enter the Bar. Sheamus begins, telling Braun he’s out of his mind if he thinks he can beat both of them by himself. He knows he won the battle royal by himself, but throwing opponents over the ring is completely different from defeating the greatest tag team in the history of WWE. But since tag teams are a little complicated for him, Cesaro will break it down.

It takes months and years to build chemistry and trust with your tag partner, you have to drive together, eat together, sleep together... Cesaro admonishes the crowd to grow up and Sheamus points out he meant room together and continues saying they optimize their sleep to optimize their training and he doesn’t care if his tag partner is Black Panther, Captain America, or Rick Sanchez, he doesn’t stand a chance against them, because they’ll still be tag champs when they leave.

They go into their catchphrase and Braun tells them to shut up. Sheamus is apoplectic, asking if he thinks he’s funny or tough and pointing out they’ve beaten every tag team on Raw and he and his partner will be no different. The beating Brock Lesnar gave to Roman Reigns tonight was nothing compared to what they’re gonna do to his team at WrestleMania.

Braun says they don’t need to worry about Roman and Braun because they need to worry about his partner at WrestleMania and the fact that Kurt Angle told him he gets a match against one of them right now. He asks which of the Bar want to get these hands! The Bar go to get in at the same time but Sheamus backs off, leaving Cesaro high and dry!

Braun Strowman vs. Cesaro

Braun puts Cesaro in the corner before taking him out for a hammer whip. Whip to a body avalanche, he dumps Cesaro to the floor and we go to break.

Back from commercial and Braun is in control, ramming Cesaro into the posts when he gets a few kicks off to back the monster off. Uppercut in the corner, arm wrench, punch to the face, looking for a small package but Strowman blocks. Cesaro floats over, sidestep and a low bridge, a boot to the face, off the ropes with a dropkick that sends Braun into the barricade!

He puts Cesaro into the barricade in return, Sheamus tries for a distraction but Braun holds fast and puts the Swiss Superman’s kidneys into the barricade! Back inside, Cesaro sidesteps a charge and Strowman eats post hard! A dropkick follows, uppercuts, thinking about the Neutralizer but Braun manhandles him over the ropes and to the floor!

Neck snap, Cesaro back into it, duck a lariat, springboard corkscrew uppercut... NOPE! Another Neutralizer attempt, back body drop, duck the lariat, springboard... BRAUN SWATS HIM OUT OF MID-AIR WITH A PUNCH! Corner lariat, up on his shoulders, Sheamus runs interference and Cesaro’s able to slip off his back. Outside, Braun steamrolls around the corner and runs Sheamus over!

Cesaro sidesteps a charge and tries to sunset flip Strowman but he gets lifted up. Uppercuts and kicks, diving crossbody, Braun catches him...

Braun Strowman wins by pinfall with the running powerslam.

Braun heads up the ramp and poses in victory while Sheamus checks on his buddy.

Commentary hypes up the Ultimate Deletion and we get a video package of Matt Hardy inviting the WWE Universe into his home to meet his platoon. His beautiful wife, Queen Rebecca, King Maxel, Lord Wolfgang, and says everything he does, he does for them. He addresses Vanguard-1 and tells him to scan the Hardy property non-stop for an invader, the consumer of terrestrial entities.

He asks Senor Benjamin to prepare the battlefield for ANNIHILATION and we pan out and go to break.

Back from commercial in time for a match!

The Revival (Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson) vs. Titus Worldwide (Apollo & Titus O’Neil)

Wilder and O’Neil to start, Titus turns it around, chop in the corner, Dawson interferes and gets stacked up for a double chop! Looking for Clash of the Titus, denied, clubbing blows and a quick tag to Scott. Assisted atomic drop, roll through into punches, putting boots to him in the corner, tag back to Dash. Keeping the pressure up, boot, leg pick, tag back to Dawson and O’Neil’s able to break away from the double-team and tag Apollo in!

In hot with kicks, off the ropes, double dropkick, whip across, jumping lariat for Dawson into a kip-up and a standing moonsault... NOPE! Running Wilder off, Scott from behind with rights, trading, backslide attempt, small package, only good for two! Dash runs around outside, pulls Titus down and rams him into the barricade, eliciting a plancha from Crews!

Dawson in, Apollo forearms him back, diving crossbody, only good for two! Jumping enzuigiri, Crews has his finish set up but Wilder gets the tag! Off the ropes...

The Revival win by pinfall with Shatter Machine on Apollo.

The Revival are interviewed after their victory about their path to WrestleMania. Wilder says there’s no tag team on earth more qualified than they are, and Dawson adds that if Braun decided to step into their world, they’re gonna compete in his, so they declare their intent to be the first tag team to ever win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal in Memory of Andre the Giant!

This is followed by the Hall of Fame package for the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry.

Commentary hypes up a women’s tag team match and sends us to break.

Back from commercial, we get a video package celebrating Women’s History Month by way of the female superstars of WWE, past and present.

Bayley makes her entrance for her tag team match and is followed after by her partner, Sasha Banks.

Sasha is on the mic and says she was raised to talk things out face to face, and whatever is going on between them, she swears she wants to fix it. She understands that she hurt Bayley’s feelings at Elimination Chamber but she has to understand that was every woman for herself and she wasn’t trying to betray their friendship, just win the title just as she’s going to win the battle royal at WrestleMania.

Last week Bayley left her high and dry, and that makes twice that Bayley left her, but since she’s the bigger person and considers her like a sister, Banks forgives her. Sasha extends a hand but Bayley turns and gets a microphone of her own. She says the night after Elimination Chamber and their tag, she was angry and acted impulsively. She could have cost her the match but she didn’t, and the next week she helped her win but took off when the match was over because...

Because she can’t get over what Sasha did to her at Elimination Chamber. It’s not even about what she did, it’s how she did it. She gets it, Banks knows her better than anyone and she knows Sasha does what she has to to win but the look on her face after she did it, the glare in her eyes and the smirk on her face ate at Bayley’s core. She literally grabbed her hand, kicked her down the pod, and watched her fall, smiling.

She can’t get the picture out of her head, and Banks is supposed to be her best friend, so why was knocking her down so easy, like it meant nothing?

Sasha doesn’t have time to respond because Absolution make their entrance. Paige is sorry if they’re trying to find some resolution but it’s time for a match and her ladies are gonna show these little girls how real women settle a score.

Absolution (Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville) vs. Bayley & Sasha Banks

Banks and Deville to start, Sasha getting her right into the corner for shoulder thrusts. Duck a lariat, big slap, back to the corner, Sonya ducks the charge and clears the apron before dumping Banks to the floor. Absolution pose in the ring and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Rose is in control on Bayley with a reverse chinlock but the Hugger’s able to post to her feet and break with elbows only to get taken to the corner. Turning it around, smashing Mandy’s face into the turnbuckles, going for the cover but it’s only good for two. Off the ropes, sliding back elbow, sliding lariat, another cover comes up empty.

Off the ropes, blind tag from the Boss and she steals the cover but only gets one. Corner double knees, the second set get sidestepped and countered with a mat slam, and Absolution get the quick tag and put boots to Banks. Deville locks the bodyscissors on and adds a partial crossface but Sasha’s able to turn her around and post to her feet before throwing her off.

Charging in, spinebuster connects but it’s only good for two and Sonya follows it with a kick and a tag. Rose in, whip into a wicked knee strike... NOPE! Mounted forearms to the face follow, another cover comes up empty, arm wringer into an arm-trap abdominal stretch but the Boss is able to get out and counter with a hip toss! Mandy with a dropkick, she gets Sasha into her corner and tags Deville back in.

They put boots to her, quick tag, Banks gets away and lands a kick, crawling... but Sonya cuts her off! Back elbow, a kick, now Bayley gets the tag! In hot with lariats, boots to the midsection in the corner, she dumps Deville to the apron and hits the Stunner! Back suplex, back elbow in the corner, to the section, diving uppercut... Rose breaks the pin up!

Sasha beats on Rose, Bayley gets a backslide but referee John Cone is busy with Sasha and she can’t get the full three! Bayley confronts Sasha, they yell at each other and fend Mandy off but Sonya comes from behind...

Absolution win by pinfall with a roundhouse kick from Sonya Deville on Bayley.

Commentary reminds us that John Cena is looking to the Undertaker for answers and we go to break.

Back from commercial, John Cena makes his entrance.

He says this isn’t your typical Monday Night Raw, no, everything is bigger in Texas. Last week he put out a WrestleMania challenge to the Undertaker and gave him a choice, yes or no, and tonight we all find out the Undertaker’s response. He still finds it amazing that the Undertaker has been in hiding so long simply because he feels embarrassed. The crowd boos and he agrees and says Taker thinks we think he doesn’t belong any more and Cena says that’s absolutely ridiculous.

As long as there is a WWE, the name Undertaker has meaning, John says. He’s asked around the world, you saw it weeks ago, you saw it last week, the entire audience brought to their feet at the mere mention of the name Undertaker! So before he gets to the Deadman’s response, he wants to know how Dallas feels about it. It is a positive response that he gets.

He says the hearing is the first thing to go but he calls out a guy dressed as the Undertaker and asks again and gets an even more positive response. Get ready and hold onto your seats, because the Undertaker’s response to his challenge at WrestleMania is... nothing. Silence. Not a yes, not a no, just nothing, and that’s the biggest mistake Taker has ever made.

He said it last week and he meant it, he’d be happy to go to WrestleMania as a fan, but for Undertaker to refuse to get off his ass and give him an answer is damn disrespectful, not just to Cena himself, but to all of us as well, to every person who’s ever stood up and cheered for the Undertaker, to all of us over the years who followed and believed in the Streak, to every beating heart that took an oversized mortician and turned him into a god!

Cena says without us there’s no streak, no rest in peace, and there’s damn sure no Undertaker. So, Mr. Undertaker, after all of these people have given you everything they have, you can’t give them a yes or a no? If you’re retired, say no and be retired and everybody will understand, but if you’re not retired, damnit man, say yes and give the world what they want to see!

But what do you do? You sit there and drown in your own insecurity, not the god they made you but the man you allowed yourself to become. And that man, Undertaker, is a coward. He reiterates that the Undertaker is a coward and begs to be proven wrong with any answer, he doesn’t even need a yes or no, do something stupid like throw a casket out here or smoke or lightning, don’t just sit there and do nothing!

A “Do something!” chant breaks out but Cena is left wanting. There it is, he says, the exact moment the Undertaker let everyone who believes in him down. Undertaker isn’t a god and right now he can barely call himself a man.

Enter Kane! Cena’s excited and points out that Kane is the Undertaker’s brother and asks if he was sent by his brother to give us the response we deserve. He asks Kane if it’s a yes or a no and holds the mic up to him... BUT KANE RESPONDS WITH A CHOKESLAM!

We get no further answer.

Commentary tosses to a recap of the opening segment because Raw is three hours long. They then inform us that Roman is under observation at the local medical facility and will not be released tonight. They hype up Ronda Rousey and the Ultimate Deletion (that’s a hell of a combo), Miz and the Miztourage make their entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial we’re shown a sporting man in the front row and go to a quick clip of Broken Matt Hardy hanging out with George Washington.

Miz is in the ring to cut a promo. He says it’s three weeks from WrestleMania and he gets no respect. Promotion is in full effect and he’s nowhere to be found on the posters and can’t even get on WrestleMania magazine?! The WWE Champion AJ Styles, Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, they get to be on the cover and in singles matches and he has the deck stacked against him in a triple threat?

And you know what irks him the most? Is he the bad guy? The crowd chants in the affirmative and he again decries the lack of respect. Just because you buy action figures of Finn Balor and Seth Rollins that makes them the heroes? Last week he exposed both men for liars, but beneath the fake smiles and shows of respect they hate each other and all it took was a brief nudge to get them to blows.

And at WrestleMania that brief nudge will turn into a shove for Tyler Black and Prince Devitt as they get sent back to the bingo halls. And if Miz can’t get our respect he’ll take it when he emerges from WrestleMania as the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time.

Balor Club make their entrance but Seth Rollins comes down before the match can begin and joins the commentary desk to send us to break.

Balor Club (Finn Balor, Karl Anderson, & Luke Gallows) vs. the Miz & the Miztourage (Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel)

Gallows is in control on Axel and gets a cover that comes up empty. Tag to Balor, in with a diving smash to the arm, chop in the corner, whip across, another chop, tag to Dallas but Finn stays on him with arm drags into an armbar! Bo backs him in the corner, tag to Miz, putting boots to Balor, whip reversed, big knee and punches to the face before backing Finn into his corner and hitting repeated shoulder thrusts.

Tag to Curtis, snapmare into a running somersault cutter, reverse chinlock applied, Balor gets to his feet but Axel takes him right back down. To his feet again, kick to the back of the knee gets him down, Curtis goes for a powerbomb but Finn rolls out and hits a dropkick. Reaching for the tag, Dallas tries to block, punches, into the Miztourage’s corner and Bo puts boots to him.

Miz with a choke while referee Dan Engler is distracted, tag back to Axel. Posing with Miz, they mock Balor’s entrance but Finn comes back with a vengeance of forearms. Takedown into the corner, sidestep the charge, tag to Anderson! In hot with lariats, whip reversed, Sick Kick connects and he clears the apron. Sidestep a charge, bicycle kick in the corner, Karl pops up to the second and hits the diving neckbreaker... NOPE!

Knocking Dallas off the apron, perched up top, diving crossbody gets a nearfall. Charging in, uppercut, Miz tags in, kicks Machine Gun’s leg out from under him and hits the basement DDT for a nearfall that sends us to break.

Back from commercial, Anderson and Axel are unsteady on their feet when Machine Gun hits the spinning spinebuster. Tags made, Balor runs over Dallas, clears the apron, double leg into the double stomp and Bo rolls to the floor. Finn ducks Axel, puts him outside with his partner... TOPE CON GIRO! Back in, Headed up top but Miz provides the distraction and Curtis crotches him on the turnbuckle.

The A-Lister tags in, Skull-Crushing Finale reversed to a victory roll... NOPE! Another try, out with a back elbow, Miz with an O’Connor roll, the kickout knocks Axel down, Finn capitalizes...

Balor Club wins by pinfall with a schoolboy pin from Finn Balor on the Miz.

The Miztourage hit the ring and attack Balor post-match! They dump Anderson out as Miz steps on Finn’s neck. Back in, they hoist Balor up but Rollins leaves commentary to make the save! He clears the Miztourage out, low superkick, off the ropes... BLACKOUT! Seth and Finn jaw at each other over the Intercontinental Champion’s unconscious body.

We go to a video of the Lake of Reincarnation earlier today with Matt Hardy taking Skarsgard out for a nice day on the lake to find Nirvana.

Commentary promises us Ronda Rousey and we go to break.

Back from commercial we’re informed that John Cena vs. Kane will be happening next week.

A video package on Ronda Rousey’s training with Kurt Angle follows.

Bray Wyatt vs. Matt Hardy (The Ultimate Deletion)

Bray Wyatt approaches the gates of the Hardy compound holding his lantern, and the gates open unbidden. Vanguard-1 flies down and scans him before projecting a hologram of Broken Matt to welcome him and inform him to follow the music. Vanguard-1 flies off, leaving Wyatt to do just that as piano music plays and we cut to the ring Queen Reby is playing nearby.

Bray approaches as her song shifts and becomes his entrance theme and Matt informs him that he knew he’d come. Referee Shawn Bennett is present as Kurt Angle requested, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Michael Cole gives us a disclaimer before we get back to the Ultimate Deletion and apologizes for what we’re about to see.

Bennett calls for the bell and we’re off! Circling, Bray laughs and Matt laughs back before saying the time for laughter is OVAH! They lock up and Wyatt throws him back but Vanguard-1 goes into attack mode! Off the ropes, falling splash, punches to the back of the head and Hardy is in control. Bray with a whip, Matt cuts him off, Russian legsweep gets one and Hardy takes his coat off.

”DELETE!” fingers, off the ropes, caught into Sister Abigail, escape, right hand, off the ropes and Bray destroys Broken Matt with a lariat before declaring himself to be a god and asking where his manners are, he forgot to give him the housewarming gift. Wyatt slides outside and heads under the ring for a steel chair as Hardy begins to recover, he kisses the chair and Matt initiates Vanguard-1’s Boomstick Protocol!

FIREWORKS GO OFF BESIDE THE RING AND WYATT’S CONFUSION LETS MATT GET THE CHAIR AND A FEW LICKS IN! Shot to the midsection, another one, he waffles the chair across Bray’s back and the Eater of Worlds stumbles to the floor. Matt welcomes him to the Hardy compound and they fight into the darkness. They come across what is marked onscreen as the Dilapidated City and Matt asks him if it reminds him of anything.

Bray falls to his knees and we get a flashback to Wyatt’s shed burning down, it’s a replica of Sister Abigail’s resting place! Matt wakes him up with kendo stick shocks and Wyatt lets a primal roar loose before catching the stick and fighting back with it, pressing him into the wall of the shack with it! Another series of primal roars echo out as Bray relives Abigail’s agony!

We go to the Land of Obsolete Men, where many of Brother Nero’s art pieces mark the places of the obsolete ones and we get an honest-to-god Scooby Doo hallway chase in amongst the markers! Bray cries out for no more games and stalks after Hardy, but Matt blindsides him in the wood! Bray gets the better of the exchange and kicks him in the ribs, setting off a coughing fit that leads referee Shawn Bennett to ask if he can continue.

Wyatt cracks a tree limb across Hardy’s back but only gets two so he follows with clubbing blows to the back of the head. Dragging Matt over, he throws him into a garage door and asks what’s behind door number one. The door opens and it’s another ring, a piano, and a lawnmower-- it’s the Dome of Deletion! Bray hooks him for a Rock Bottom into the piano but Matt escapes and smashes his head into it!

Stumbling, Hardy folds a ladder up and rams it into Bray’s side! Another smash, to the midsection this time, and Matt welcomes him to the Dome of Deletion before hitting him a few more times and smashing the ladder end-first into his throat! Hardy looks around and addresses the chair of wheels and mower of lawns back and forth before declaring them WONDERFUL and getting on the mower of lawns.

He starts the mower of lawns up as Ode to Joy starts playing but Bray pops up into the spider walk and rises to his feet! A kick cuts Ode to Joy off and Wyatt chokes Hardy against the hood of the mower of lawns! Into the ring, Matt gets a jawbreaker off and they fight on the apron... BRAY WITH THE APRON DDT BUT IT’S NOT ENOUGH TO END IT!

Punching him in the side of the head, Wyatt tells him he told him that this isn’t his Ultimate Deletion, it’s Matt’s, and he drags him out of the Dome of Deletion telling him he’s going to take him home and finish it. Vanguard-1 scans for subjects and acquires Bray as a target as Wyatt arrives at the Lake of Reincarnation and throws Hardy to the ground.

Matt cries out for Skarsgard, his dilapidated friend, and says it can’t end this way. Bray suggests instead that it can, hooks Sister Abigail, but has to throw Hardy aside when Vanguard-1 flies up. He’s got Vanguard-1 in his clutches but says he’ll deal with him later and throws the drone aside. He flips Skarsgard over, but Senor Benjamin is under the boat with a globe in his hands!

Benjamin throws the globe at Wyatt and he and Brother Nero sing the obvious song as Hardy shows up with a Twist of Fate...

Matt Hardy wins by pinfall with the Twist of Fate.

Matt, laughing, heads over and picks up an oar, telling Wyatt it’s over and knocking him into the Lake of Reincarnation!

He asks Senor Benjamin to come over posthaste and retrieve Wyatt’s carcass from the Lake of Reincarnation. Benjamin gets a pool scooper or something but he can’t find Bray. Matt declares this DELIGHTFUL, the Great War as OVAH, and Bray Wyatt as DELETED!

The show is COMPLETED, folks.

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