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Hillbilly Jim thinks it would be ‘great’ if Hulk Hogan inducted him into the WWE Hall of Fame

Over at TMZ, they made sure to talk Hulk Hogan in an interview with Hillbilly Jim, who will be going into the WWE Hall of Fame next month in New Orleans. Considering the Hulkster’s role in his career, and the fact that Jim is a genuinely nice guy, he had nothing but good things to say:

“I’ll just say this about that man -- he’s been wonderful to me. At the time when I first came into that business to get brushed up against the guy that was the most popular wrestler on Earth, it couldn’t do nothing but help your career. And I got brushed up against Hulk, and it was just wonderful what he did for me.”

Naturally, that was a way to lead into asking if he would like Hogan to induct him into the Hall of Fame:

“That’d be a little heavy, a little bit over the top, wouldn’t it? But I tell you, that would be as great as it could be and I don’t even want to think that. I haven’t even thought about that, my friend, until you said this to me. ... That would be cream on top of this thing, man, if the Hulkster did it.”

WWE received such backlash from its use of Fabulous Moolah’s name for the women’s battle royal at WrestleMania that it seems unlikely they’ll take a chance on bringing Hogan back right now, even just to induct someone else into the Hall of Fame. But, as Jim mentioned, he hasn’t even gotten around to considering all this anyway.

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