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Rey Mysterio is now a co-owner of Aro Lucha, and you can be too

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According to The Tennessean, Rey Mysterio, who has recently been rumored to be in talks to strike deals with either WWE or Impact Wrestling, has signed on with Aro Lucha to be both a performer and a co-owner.

And you can too!

That’s the word, at least:

And Aro Lucha is just getting started adding owners to the company. Beginning Saturday, Aro Lucha will embark on a unique crowdfunding campaign where fans will be able to turn their investments into a minority stake in the company.

They also report a first season will begin taping in Nashville soon, although they have yet to strike a deal with a television partner. Konnan will be heading up the creative team.

There’s a lot more on what they have planned over at The Tennessean, so make sure you go check it out here.

What this means for Mysterio’s rumored pending return to WWE is unclear, and the article fails to give any clarification for that beyond saying Mysterio “was rumored to be considering a return to WWE.”

We’ll just have to stay tuned on that.

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