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War Machine make first WWE in-ring appearance at NXT Sebring

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There was a hope they’d be announced as part of NXT’s third Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. (And, hey, with Tyler Bate’s injury, maybe they still could be!) Fans were fantasy booking them as a possibility to answer The Bar’s call for challengers. (Almost certainly not happening, but there’s always The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal (maybe)).

Well, the pair known in New Japan, Ring of Honor and elsewhere as War Machine won’t be making their first in-ring appearance for WWE in either of those ways. Because they did it with an in-ring promo on Friday, Mar. 16 in Sebring, Florida:

Despite being shown on screen with the name during TakeOver: Philadelphia, Hanson and Rowe were not introduced as War Machine (they weren’t even introduced as Hanson and Rowe). The duo were in familiar looking gear, however, and their entrance music was reportedly pretty metal. They cut a standard promo putting the division on notice, and that was that.

But they’re here, and showdowns with Authors of Pain, SAnitY, Bludgeon Brothers... heck, maybe even Braun Strowman, tag champion... are looming.