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Wrestling’s best heel Tommaso Ciampa piles on Toys R Us

Tommaso Ciampa is the best heel in pro wrestling today. News broke yesterday that the toy store chain Toys R Us will be closing over 700 stores and potentially 33,000 Americans could be out of a job.

Upon hearing the news of Toys R Us going under, Ciampa took his opportunity to crack back on the beloved brand for a slight many years ago.

Don’t ever cross Ciampa.

There was a time before Target and Walmart’s toy sections undercut their prices or before Amazon’s convenience ran circles around them, when Toys R Us was the best place to get your pro wrestling toys.

Ciampa doesn’t care about nostalgia or fond memories from your childhood. Tommaso Ciampa just wants to dunk on his former boss and dance on the grave of Toys R Us.

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