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Woken Matt Hardy gives a wonderful tour of the Hardy Compound


Delightful. Woken Matt Hardy is really doing it. Nearly two years after he first became Broken, Hardy and his motley crew will partake in The Ultimate Deletion this Monday night versus Bray Wyatt on Raw.

Queen Rebecca, King Maxel, Lord Wolfgang, Senor Benjamin, and Vanguard One will all be on hand to help Hardy defeat Wyatt.

How will a match at the Hardy Compound look under the watchful eye of the WWE? With increased production values compared to his matches with Impact Wrestling, The Ultimate Deletion may look very different than what Broke Hardy fans are used to.

In the middle of the road to WrestleMania, how much time will Hardy, Wyatt and the Woken Family be given on Raw? Should Hardy vs. Wyatt main event the show? Open the episode? Or just give them entire last hour of Raw to tell their story?

Heading into The Ultimate Deletion there are more questions than answers. Before Monday’s fight, let’s watch Woken Matt Hardy explain the Hardy Compound in a new video.

Also, let’s watch Hardy float in a boat.

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