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Ex-WWE star Grandmaster Sexay hospitalized after fight with ex-TNA star

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Reports have surfaced that former WWE wrestler Grandmaster Sexay, real name Brian Christopher Lawler, was put in the hospital last month after a violent bar brawl with ex-TNA wrestler Chase Stevens. Following the incident Lawler required facial surgery, while Stevens, real name Jonathan Clark, was arrested by Indiana police.

According to a police report obtained by Pro Wrestling Sheet, the fight took place in a hotel room Lawler and Clark were sharing. After Lawler stumbled into the hotel lobby still in a daze the local authorities were contacted.

“Officers then made contact with Stevens in his hotel room who told police Lawler had caused them problems at nightclubs hours earlier and refused to go to sleep on the floor of the hotel room.

According to the report: “Lawler said he was attacked for no reason but he was very confused. The physician reported that Lawler had several broken bones in his face, broken teeth and that surgery was required. Officers were told that a trauma team had been activated after Lawler’s injuries had been evaluated. Lawler was intoxicated on alcohol and admitted he is on several prescription drugs. Lawler told me that he absolutely wanted to pursue charges against Clark.”

Per the only witness on the scene of the fight, Clark’s girlfriend, Lawer was drunk and causing a scene before the former TNA wrestler hit him more than once in an attempt to calm him down. According to a statement given to the police from Lawler prior to surgery, Clark thought he was making advances on his girlfriend earlier in the night.

The son of Jerry Lawler, Grandmaster Sexay is best known for his time in the WWE as a member of the tag-team Too Cool. Teaming with Scotty 2 Hotty, the duo captured the WWE tag titles one time in May 2000 when they defeated Edge and Christian on an episode of Raw.

From 2003 to 2007, Chase Stevens made his mark in TNA as a member of The Naturals tag-team. Stevens with his partner Andy Douglas would go on to become three time NWA world tag team champions for the promotion.