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Tyler Breeze has a realistic view on rising to the top of WWE

If you watched Tyler Breeze back when he was on NXT earlier this decade, you know he’s more than just a gimmick with good comedic chops. He’s #MmmGorgeous, and the Lance Storm-trained wrestler can work a heck of a match.

So it can be frustrating for fans who know that and enjoy his work with Breezango to see him mostly sitting on the sidelines of SmackDown these days. It’s probably frustrating for him, too.

But, at least based on an interview the Canadian Superstar gave to Ontario’s Kingston Whig-Standard, he knows WWE success can be a long process:

“Everybody has their time. It’s all about patience. I know it’s very easy to get frustrated and sit there and say, ‘Why me?’ but it’s all about patience. We have an extremely talented roster and everybody eventually gets a chance and you have to be positive and just enjoy the journey.

... It’s not really about being misused... It’s easy to look at it like that. I don’t like to look at it like that. I’m still very young, I’ve still got a lot of career ahead of me... I like to use Shawn Michaels as a reference where he came up and he never really even became the Heartbreak Kid until he was eight or nine years in WWE. Everything takes time.

I understand that it’s hard in our world nowadays. Everything is so fast moving. If you lose someone’s attention, they’re on their phone checking something because you can scroll through endless feeds. But it’s very much a patience game. It’s a long-term thing. It’s about being around. The more years you’re around, people kind of go, ‘Tyler Breeze, Tyler Breeze, Tyler Breeze ... I’m used to seeing him.’ You build that fan base that rallies behind you and eventually gets to the point where you can’t ignore it and they go, ‘You know what? This is somebody that people care about and we’ve got to do something.’ It’s all about being patient.”

Seems realistic, but is it not grabbing-the-brass-ring enough?

Time will tell, but you can start discussing it in the comments below right now!

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