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Ronda Rousey misses Raw, just one week after WWE promised she wouldn’t

WWE is in the business of advertising major stars for its shows and failing to deliver on that, it seems.

Indeed, just one week ago, hours before that night’s episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE used its website to publish an article that expressly stated Ronda Rousey would make “special appearances” at every remaining episode of Raw leading up to WrestleMania 34. That included this week’s show, held in Detroit.

Except she wasn’t there.

Now, the original link to that news story on redirects to her profile page.

Instead of a live appearance, fans were treated to this admittedly well done video package:

For what it’s worth, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon also missed the show, though Vince McMahon made on-camera appearance. Actually, Vince suspended the guy who does show up to work, Roman Reigns, for getting upset about another guy who was advertised and didn’t show up, Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. This happened on the same show that John Cena called out Undertaker, who has appeared on the show just once dating back to last year’s WrestleMania.

So, really, I suppose Rousey not showing up is just business as usual for WWE.

See you next week!


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