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Elias wants to put on ‘the biggest performance you’ve ever seen’ at WrestleMania

Since arriving on Raw, Elias has become a staple of Monday nights as a Superstar fans love to hate. It’s been pretty surprising, considering how little screen time he received in NXT despite having spent the better part of three years in Developmental.

He touches on his promotion a bit in a quick interview with Sportskeeda, but it’s a quote about the thing that’s made him such a popular act on the main roster that’s got us thinking.

Like thousands of fans in arenas around the world, we look forward to being asked if we want to W.W.E. (walk with Elias) and then hearing the boos when he craps on people’s hometown. It’s an idea that deserves ramping up for big spots - if anything, his Elimination Chamber solo wasn’t grand enough for our liking - so we’re really hoping he gets a chance to go big in New Orleans on April 8:

“At WrestleMania, the performance will be something that you’ve not seen Elias do yet. We call it the grandest spectacle of them all right? I’m the grandest performer on Monday Night Raw, I’m the grandest performer in WWE. It’s only fitting that at WrestleMania, the biggest show we have, I put on the biggest performance you’ve ever seen.”

I’m positively giddy about the possibilities here, whether or not he even gets a match. And especially if he ends up working with Braun Strowman in the Intercontinental title match with Miz, Seth Rollins and Finn Bálor as rumored... can Braun bury him under an entire orchestra this time, or at least a Big Easy-style brass band.

Give us your best ideas for Elias match and performance at WrestleMania 34, Cagesiders.

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