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WWE Fastlane 2018 results, live streaming match coverage: Six Pack Challenge

WWE Fastlane is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., Mar. 11, 2018) from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio at 8:00 p.m. ET, live on the WWE Network. You may also be able to watch this on pay-per-view (PPV) if your cable provider is carrying the event. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Fastlane below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! Note: To get in on the conversation on this show, visit our open thread here.


AJ Styles def. John Cena, Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayn, and Kevin Owens
Charlotte def. Ruby Riott
The Usos vs. The New Day goes to a no contest
Natalya & Carmella def. Becky Lynch & Naomi
Randy Orton def. Bobby Roode
Shinsuke Nakamura def. Rusev
Breezango & Tye Dillinger def. Chad Gable, Mojo Rawley, & Shelton Benjamin


Oh every night, and every day a little piece of you is falling away. But lift your face the Western way, build your muscles as your body decays, yeah. Tow the line and play their game, yeah. Let the anesthetic cover it all ‘til one day they call your name. You know it’s time for the hammer to fall, but me, I’m just here to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The pre-show opens with Renee Young welcoming us to the show and introducing her panel, consisting tonight of Booker T, Sam Roberts, and David Otunga. They proceed to shill for the WWE Network by mentioning that first-time subscribers will get WrestleMania as part of their free month if they sign up right now. This is followed by a rundown of tonight’s card and we toss backstage with Charly Caruso.

She talks about tension being high backstage but how she got a chance to talk to Sami Zayn and he’s feeling great after pinning Kevin Owens last week, but she couldn’t find KO to speak to. John Cena meanwhile, told her that it’s do or die and if he doesn’t win here he might be watching WrestleMania from the outside in. Ziggler is also feeling good, but he’s only answering questions on social media.

Video package and discussion about the SmackDown Women’s Championship match follows and then the panel announces a six-man tag for the pre-show, Tye Dillinger & Breezango vs. Mojo Rawley, Chad Gable, & Shelton Benjamin. Baron Corbin gets a handcam promo about how the other guys want to main event WrestleMania but he doesn’t care what they want, and he wants to be the face of their disappointment and the reason their WrestleMania moment never happens.

The women’s tag is next on the docket for discussion, and then the SmackDown Tag Team Championship match gets a video package. Charly Caruso is backstage with the New Day and their platter of pancakes. They try to feed her but she just wants to do an interview. They address the Usos criticisms by pointing out that they don’t care what the Usos have to say, and no team embodies the E in WWE better than New Day.

Big E cuts a passionate promo about how the kids save up and buy their unicorn horns but they remain the best tag team around. Kofi Kingston points out they became four-time champs in a fraction of the time it took the Usos to become relevant, and Xavier Woods says the Usos talk about being down since Day One, but their bond is through family. New Day chose to be brothers, chose to be the longest-reigning tag champs, chose to put the tag division back on the map and tonight they’ll choose to walk out five-time tag champions.

A video package and panel discussion for the United States Championship match follows, with Jinder Mahal crashing the discussion. He’s upset that the video package didn’t have him in it and talks about how he beat Randy Orton and has stood tall over Bobby Roode for the last month and he considers himself the uncrowned United States Champion. He concludes saying he’ll be watching, maybe even from commentary.

Dolph Ziggler is interviewed and says he’s been waiting his whole life for a chance to go to WrestleMania as the World Champion. He says he doesn’t regret giving up the United States Championship because he’s accomplished goals and sometimes the title doesn’t mean what it’s supposed to mean. He talks about how he comes to work to prove things to himself, not because he cares about what anybody else thinks.

He then says it means nothing to him if he doesn’t earn his position as the best guy around and maybe this will the last show you ever see him at if he can’t get it done. We then head to ringside for our six-man tag.

Breezango (Fandango & Tyler Breeze) & Tye Dillinger vs. Chad Gable, Mojo Rawley, & Shelton Benjamin

Gable and Breeze to start, Chad throws Tyler aside when he charges in and Fandango tags in. He signals Dillinger and Tye hands him a set of amateur wrestling style headgear and puts it on! Gable with a takedown, Dango takes the headgear off and tags Breeze right back in. Chad gets on all fours and offers Tyler the advantage, but the hot cop is hesitant before getting on him and riding him like a pony.

Big dropkick from Breeze, one for Shelton, Mojo in, dropkicks ahoy and the babyfaces stand tall. Gable sidesteps a charge, monkey flip sends Breeze flying and we take a break for a house ad.

Back to the action, Benjamin is legal, arm drag into knee drops to the arm into a kneeling armbar with a chinlock added in, Breeze breaks away, right hands but Shelton blocks the tag with Divorce Court for two. Tag to Chad, wristlock knees into kicks and high knees, again only two. Keylock applied, Tyler’s able to shift out of it so Gable changes it up, belly-to-belly suplex and Fandango breaks it up!

Tag to Rawley, straight left hands, headbutt, Mojo with a double leg to the corner trying to isolate him but he’s able to break out and get the hot tag to Tye! In like a freight train, charging chop, big lariat, the Perfect 10 takes his knee pad down but Shelton Benjamin makes the save! Dango with a dropkick but Chad is able to block a superkick and get the O’Connor roll for a nearfall!

Rolling Koppo kick, tag to Shelton, up for the powerbomb but Dillinger fights out! Beauty Shot from Breeze, Benjamin to the apron, Rawley trying for a quick pin, no good! Superkick connects...

Breezango & Tye Dillinger win by pinfall with the single knee Codebreaker from Dillinger on Mojo Rawley.

The pre-show panel resumes shilling for the WWE Network momentarily before moving on to discussion of the WWE Championship six-pack challenge to close the pre-show out.

The main show kicks off with a video package highlighting the idea that this is the last place to earn a WrestleMania opportunity for the SmackDown roster.

Shinsuke Nakamura makes his entrance and then Aiden English... raps? an introduction for Rusev, so that’s a change of pace.

Rusev vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Circling, keeping their distance, Nakamura goes for a leg but Rusev blocks, waistlock applied, into a judo throw and a cover that only gets one and then a front chancery. Kneeling fireman’s carry takeover, only good for one, Shinsuke with a waistlock of his own, front chancery, Rusev powers out into a wristlock, adding an elbow to the shoulder to ground him down.

Arm wringer, side headlock, Nakamura shoots him off and eats the shoulder block, Rusev barely ducks a kick, eats a knee, snapmare into a knee drop, again only one. Arm wringer, the Bulgarian Brute escapes with a knee and buckles Shinsuke with a punch. Arm wringer of his own, yanking on the shoulder, Nakamura rolls through for a reversal, hammerlock on his way to a headlock but Rusev gets him in the ropes and forces the break.

Duck a lariat, Shinsuke struts off and asks Rusev to bring it! But Rusev chooses to roll out of the ring and confer with Aiden English. Back inside as referee Mike Chioda counts... and then Rusev rolls right back outside. This time the King of Strong Style follows, knee lifts, to the apron, cueing him up for a knee to the side of the head and a knee drop across the back of his neck!

Back inside, Rusev clobbers him on the apron! Taking the action back out, hard whip into the barricade, ramming Shinsuke’s back into the apron and then the barricade in turn before throwing him back inside for a cover that can’t quite get the job done. Stomp the back, standing arm triangle applied but Nakamura is able to pry his arm up enough to get leverage to throw some elbows and break.

Leg pick into a kneebar and Rusev is forced to crawl to the ropes for a break! Rusev catches a roundhouse kick and turns it into a Black Hole Slam for two! Elbow drop across the face, Rusev’s hobbling a little but still trucking, another elbow drop, applying a single-arm cutthroat choke but Nakamura’s able to fight out. Rusev returns some knees, whip across, duck the lariat, jump kick connects!

Chest kicks follow, reverse roundhouse to finish, he’s got him lined up, running knee in the corner, pop him up, roll back, the big rope-hung knee lift connects but it’s only good for a nearfall! Wicked falling knees to the ribs, guillotine choke applied, Rusev tries to block but his knee goes out! Reaching for the ropes, desperate, he finally gets the willpower to fight through and hit a fallaway slam!

Charging in, Rusev is ready with a pop-up knee lift and a roundhouse kick... NOT ENOUGH! Calling for it but Nakamura blocks the Machka Kick! Trading strikes, Rusev manages to take his leg out but Shinsuke clobbers him with an axe kick that puts him right into position... RUSEV SIDESTEPS! Trying for the Accolade, he can’t get all of it, Nakamura reverses to a sunset flip for a nearfall!

Reverse roundhouse puts Rusev into position again... MACHKA KICK CONNECTS BUT CAN’T PUT SHINSUKE AWAY! Calling for the Accolade, boot to the spine, no good, KINSHASA TO THE BACK OF THE NECK! Out of the corner, fired up...

Shinsuke Nakamura wins by pinfall with Kinshasa!

Shinsuke Nakamura has a moment with the WrestleMania sign, as befits the #1 contender to the WWE Championship.

A hype reel for WrestleMania follows.

Bobby Roode (c) vs. Randy Orton (WWE United States Championship)

Circling, collar and elbow, Roode goes behind, to his knees, Orton stands back up, standing switch, Bobby breaks his grip, grabs a wristlock and wrenches his hand around. Randy out with a drop toehold into a front chancery but Roode spins out of the hold and both men pop back to their feet. Collar and elbow, side headlock, Roode shoots him off and takes the shoulder block and the Viper poses for the crowd.

Off the ropes, drop down, shoulder block, back to the lockup and Bobby grabs a side headlock. Shot off, he hits the shoulder block and poses for the crowd this time! Off the ropes, drop down, leapfrog, back elbow from Orton lays him out. Listening to the crowd chant “RKO!”, into the a lockup, side headlock from the Viper but Roode backs him into the corner and forces a break.

Orton with the dirty break with an uppercut, Roode fires back a chop, hard whip into the corner, Randy ducks a lariat, goes for the RKO and the champion blocks! Bobby heads outside for a breather and comes back in to grab the headlock again but Orton forces him into the corner. Again a dirty break, Roode with a chop this time, uppercut from Randy, up and over, kick to the midsection, Glorious DDT blocked and now the Viper heads to the floor for a breather!

Back inside, collar and elbow, into the ropes and referee Jason Ayers demands a break but Orton breaks with a boot and suplexes the champion gut-first onto the top rope! Cover’s not even good for one and Randy follows with a stomp to the midsection. Punch in the corner, whip across but Bobby explodes out with a lariat! Cover comes up empty and Roode stomps the hand before delivering a knee drop across the neck for a two count.

Reverse chinlock applied, Bobby moving it around to try and keep Orton grounded. Randy breaks with punches, Roode returns a kick but his ribs are hurting and he can’t follow it up with a suplex as he intends. Orton hits the suplex himself to get some room to breathe, in for punches, Roode off the ropes with a forearm, a lariat, corner lariat into a neckbreaker and he decides to head up top.

Perching, waiting, diving lariat connects! “Glorious!” pose, Orton blocks the DDT, schoolboy gets a nearfall! Lariats from the Viper, he ducks one from Roode and catches him with the snap scoop powerslam on the rebound! Bobby looks for safety on the apron but finds only the rope-hung DDT! He manages to reverse with a back body drop to the apron but Orton snaps his neck over the ropes.

Charging in, boots up, Bobby to the second, diving blockbuster connects but again cannot finish the match. Chop in the corner, Orton reverses the whip, puts Roode on the apron, ducks a shoulder thrust, kick to the face and the rope-hung DDT connects this time! Randy goes to that special place, pounds the mat, but Roode blocks the RKO! Kick to the midsection, back body drop, trap him in a victory roll, no good!

Bobby ducks a lariat and clotheslines Orton to the floor! Randy capitalizes, whip into the barricade, back suplex into it, referee Jason Ayers is counting. He rolls Roode back in in time but the cover won’t finish it! Setting the champion up in the corner, straight right hands connect and he climbs to meet him. Jockeying for position, Roode gets a sunset flip powerbomb off... NOPE!

Headed up top again, Orton cuts him off, gets him into position and hits that beautiful superplex of his! Slow to capitalize, he gets a cover but can’t put him away! Trading strikes in the middle of the ring, running low but not out of gas just yet, each strike landing hard, and Bobby counters an uppercut into a backslide! DDT blocked, RKO blocked, spinebuster connects... NOT ENOUGH!

The Viper fends off a waistlock attempt with an elbow, Roode heads up top and dives...

Randy Orton wins by pinfall with the RKO, winning the WWE United States Championship for the first time in his storied career.

Orton’s celebration is interrupted by Jinder Mahal’s music. He walks down dressed in his ring gear and gets in the ring. Kick to the midsection, he puts boots to Randy but Roode cuts him off and hits the Glorious DDT! He heads over to Orton, draws him up, Glorious DDT for him, too!

We get a recap of Ronda Rousey’s time in WWE thus far and the build for her WrestleMania match teaming with Kurt Angle against Triple H & Stephanie McMahon.

Backstage, Sami Zayn walks up to Kevin Owens, who is not very happy to see him. He reminds him of his betrayal last Tuesday and Zayn says he meant it when he said he’d lie down, but he meant tonight, not last Tuesday, that was different. He’s still his buddy, his pal, his guardian angel, and he can still count on him tonight. Owens turns and walks off.

Becky Lynch & Naomi vs. Carmella & Natalya

Carmella and Lynch to start, circling, collar and elbow, Becky turns it into a schoolboy pin for one. Carmella with a shove, Lynch shoves her back, going for a slap, Becky turns it into Dis-Arm-Her but the Princess of Staten Island makes the ropes! Tag made, Natalya comes in, straight suplex, giant step, Lynch is able to turn her around and get a tag off to Naomi.

Big sliding slap, cover for two, reverse chinlock, Nattie with a shove gets a hamstring kick in return, off the ropes, headscissors takeover connects but Neidhart blocks the charge and hits a slingshot atomic drop! Wheelbarrow Stunner from Naomi! Dragging Nattie into place, split-legged moonsault blocked by Carmella and Natalya hits a powerbomb out of the corner... NOPE!

Taunt, another cover, same result and Nattie pulls Naomi into the corner and makes a tag. Double mat slam, wishbone her legs, Carmella slams Naomi’s face into the corner and puts boots to her. Moonwalk, Bronco Buster, only good for a nearfall and she scrapes Naomi’s face across the mat! Overhead elbows to the trapezius, reverse chinlock applied, a mat slam follows and Carmella drags Naomi into the corner by her hair and tags Neidhart in.

Snapmare into a sleeper, Naomi flings her off, desperate for the tag but Nattie pushes her into the corner and makes the tag again! Carmella with the hanging figure four headscissors over the ropes! She follows it by yanking Naomi’s hair over the ropes and clubbing her back on the apron! Running knee strike, back inside the cover’s only a nearfall and Nattie tags back in.

Naomi manages to bum rush Carmella into the corner, lands on her feet off a back suplex, tag to Lynch! In hot with lariats, two with the arm and one with the leg, rolling solebutt sets up the exploder suplex! Back body drop to the apron, Becky fires some forearms back, missile dropkick but Natalya falls into her corner and makes the tag! Carmella with a jawbreaker, tag to Naomi, roundhouse kick into a sunset flip only gets two!

Whip, Rear View denied, duck a lariat, tag made with a roundhouse kick and Lynch comes off the top with a diving leg drop... NATALYA BREAKS IT UP! Running knee, Nattie dumps Naomi to the floor, Lynch dumps her out after, charges in, Carmella sidesteps but eats a back elbow. To the second, Neidhart with interference and the Princess of Staten Island gets a handspring headscissors takedown and forces Naomi to break the pin up!

Becky with an elbow to Natalya when she tries to hand the Money in the Bank briefcase off, Carmella is lying in wait...

Carmella & Natalya win by pinfall with a superkick from Carmella on Becky Lynch.

New Day get a video package auditioning to host some awards for Nickelodeon, but they get slimed and cede the job to John Cena.

New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) vs. the Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) (c) (WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship)

Woods and Jimmy to start, jawing and trading big slaps! Blind tag, Jey comes in and superkicks Xavier outta nowhere! Putting boots to Woods in the corner, quick tags, Jey legal as they shift tactics, corner forearm gets two and Uso follows it up with a reverse chinlock, wrenching back on the challenger’s back hard. Woods to his feet, arm drag, tag to Kingston!

Kofi in with a diving lariat, double slaps, big dropkick and one for Jimmy as well! Leaping lariat connects, he’s getting fired up, off the ropes, Boom Drop lands home! Going for Trouble in Paradise, blocked, Jey hits a 540 roundhouse and tags Jimmy in. Kofi with a big Trevor Lee stomp, he’s got Jey lined up and hits a running hip attack but pays for it when Jimmy comes in with kicks!

Samoan drop for Xavier, duck the lariat, big leaping lariat of his own and he runs circles around him and hits a Boom Drop of his own! Mocking New Day’s clap cadence, Trouble in Paradise misses, one from Kofi misses too and the Usos hit Midnight Hour... NOT ENOUGH! Sizing him up, corner avalanche comes up empty and both men are down and out! Kingston makes the tag, Woods clears the apron with a wicked knee but gets caught in a schoolboy pin for two!

Ducking and dodging, a superkick begets a rolling elbow, superkick from Xavier, another one on Jimmy, one more for Jey! Tag made back to Kofi, he’s up top, Xavier hits a basement superkick and Kingston comes off the top with the splash... NOPE! Woods tags back in, New Day perch on opposite corners but Jimmy comes in and knocks Kingston off the top! Back body drop for Xavier as well!

The Usos regroup, off the ropes together...STEREO SUICIDE DIVES GO OVER THE TOP! All five men down on the floor... here come the Bludgeon Brothers! Harper kicks Big E and referee Jason Ayers throws the match out!

The match goes to a no contest, although no actual finish is announced.

Bludgeon Brothers beat everybody down! They roll E and Xavier into the ring and cave Woods’ skull in with double Mafia kicks before hitting a double suplex on the floor! Rowan hits a freight train crossbody on Big! They drag the Usos over on one side, scoop ‘em up, ram ‘em into each other and then powerslam one onto the other before Rowan powerslams Harper onto both and hits a running splash!

ERICK GOES AND GETS THE HAMMERS! Rowan misses one Uso’s skull with a hammer shot against the steps and Harper knocks him over the barricade! They go to leave but stop by Xavier Woods, dismantle the steps... BRODIE BOMB INTO THE STEEL!

EMTs rush down with a stretcher to tend to Woods.

We get a video package for Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar before cutting back to the arena and seeing more of the aftermath of the last match.

AJ Styles is interviewed backstage. He talks about the odds and says this is the hardest any WWE Champion has ever worked but he woke up with a smile this morning because he’s been facing obstacles like this his whole life, turning the impossible into the phenomenal, and his WrestleMania moment starts tonight. When he beats all five dudes and makes his way to New Orleans--

Shinsuke Nakamura rolls up. He wishes AJ good luck so he can knee-- Styles cuts him off and says it’ll be Shinsuke that gets beat at WrestleMania.

This is followed by another look at ringside where EMTs and trainers are still tending to New Day and the Usos in the wake of the Bludgeon Brothers’ attack.

Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Ruby Riott (WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship)

Right at it, looking for the Riott Kick and the Figure Eight right away but neither woman getting it. Wristlock, arm wringer, Ruby goes for the hair for the break and kicks the rope into Flair’s arm. Off the ropes, caught into a fallaway slam but Riott is able to get the boots up and block the charge. On Charlotte’s back with a sleeper hold, the Queen tries to shake her but Ruby’s not letting go even as they roll off the apron and to the floor!

Flair puts her into the barricade a couple times but the Riott Squad provide enough of a distraction for Riott to take charge again. Back inside, Riott Kick connects... NOT ENOUGH! Dragging Flair to the apron, Ruby asks referee Mike Chioda to take a look at her eye so the Squad can beat on Flair but Becky Lynch and Naomi come down to even the odds!

Riott rolls Charlotte back in for mounted punches, following it with a straight suplex, rolling it through for another but Flair counters with a slingshot suplex! Ruby with a kick in the corner, headscissors facebuster into the turnbuckles into a diving senton... only a nearfall! Staying on the champion, slamming her face into the mat before applying a Japanese stranglehold.

Charlotte posts to her feet but Ruby falls back and puts her feet into the Queen’s back to add pressure to the hold. All the way to their feet, Riott abruptly sits back down and bends Flair in half! Charlotte manages to slip to her belly and Ruby pulls her back, telling her to look at her friends so they can see her fail! Finally breaking it, Riott hits an STO... NOPE!

Some stomps in passing, Ruby heads up to the second for the senton again but Charlotte gets her knees up! Sidestep a charge, catch a boot, neckbreaker connects and Flair’s back in it! Giant step, climbing the turnbuckles... RIOTT PUSHES HER OFF TO THE FLOOR! Off the ropes for a suicide dive but Charlotte catches her and hits an exploder suplex into the barricade! MOONSAULT OFF THE BARRICADE!

Back inside, the cover... NO GOOD! Rolling single leg, trying for the figure four, denied, running knee connects! Charging in, Ruby gets away, eats a boot, Flair up top again and she gets cut off. Climbing up after her, Riott snaps off an avalanche Frankensteiner... CHARLOTTE’S NOT STAYING DOWN THAT EASY! Grabbing the champion by the jaw, Ruby starts throwing chops, mocking her, and Flair hauls off with a big slap in return.

Chops after, into the ropes, whip blocked, STO backbreaker doesn’t quite go right but Ruby falls into the ropes painfully all the same. Sidestep a followup, put the champion face first into the bottom rope and the Riott Squad runs interference to bait Naomi and Becky inside and get refere Mike Chioda to toss them while they beat on Charlotte! But Chioda throws them out too!

Back to the action, Charlotte hits the big boot, spinning toehold but Riott reverses to a small package for a nearfall! Riott Kick denied, headscissors in the corner, Flair blocks the poison Frankensteiner and manages to put Ruby into the turnbuckles with an electric chair facebuster! Out of the corner, the spear connects, she picks the leg...

Charlotte Flair wins by submission with the Figure Eight, retaining the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship.


She takes her sweet time making her entrance and Charlotte squares up with her. Asuka points to the WrestleMania sign! She’s challenging Flair for the SmackDown title!

We get a trailer for the Andre the Giant documentary that’s coming out soon.

Commentary provides us with a medical update from the tag team match, saying the Usos, Big E, and Kofi Kingston are being treated backstage but Xavier Woods has a thoracic spine contusion and has been taken to a local medical facility.

Shane McMahon makes his entrance before our main event entrances begin and just kinda hangs out at ringside.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena vs. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn (WWE Championship)

Zayn right in and Cena hits an Attitude Adjustment! Owens gets one too and so does Corbin! One for Ziggler but Styles is smart enough to hold back! A smile cracks across John’s face as he and AJ square up, they circle but break to let the crowd get their feelings across. Side headlock, Styles shoots him off, eats the shoulder block and returns a hamstring kick!

Trading punches, John ducks a lariat, fireman’s carry, AJ lands on his feet and goes back to the hamstring! Styles Clash denied and Styles finds himself on the apron as the other four men return to the match. Cena begs off as AJ gets back in the ring and all five men beat the 16-time world champion down! They dump him to the floor and turn to brawl in two groups.

AJ and Kev find themselves on one side of the floor opposite the other three until Baron breaks off and comes around to club them. He throws Styles hard rib-first into the barricade, right hand on Owens as Zayn rams Ziggler into the barricade. KO with a shot to the back but the Lone Wolf rams him into the barricade. Back inside, AJ with a nearfall on Baron, a low bridge, Sami from behind, standing switch, O’Connor roll, no good!

Dumping Zayn to the floor, Owens from behind, off the ropes, reverse the pop-up powerbomb into a victory roll! Back suplex facebuster connects, Corbin’s back in, AJ chops him down with strikes and a sliding forearm, Ushigoroshi for Dolph! Boot up on the charge hits Sami and the moonsault inverted DDT follows... OWENS BREAKS UP THE PIN! Styles with a back body drop to the apron, KO knocks him back, climbs up top but AJ cuts him off.

Jockeying for position in the corner, Owens knocks him down with a headbutt but is slow to capitalize and Baron dumps the champ to the floor. He fends Sami off but gets taken out by Cena, Ziggler takes John out with the big DDT and KO comes outta nowhere with the Frog Splash! AJ and Kev trading forearms, Owens cuts the Styles Rush off but Styles gets the Pele kick in!

Calling for the Styles Clash but Owens back body drops him to the floor! Back elbow on Corbin, Baron hits the chokebreaker! Dolph from behind with the Zig Zag! Shoulder block, shoulder block, duck the lariat, fall-forward Blue Thunder Driver, one for Sami as well, double “You can’t see me!”, off the ropes, double Five Knuckle Shuffle! Zayn rolls to the floor, fireman’s carry but Ziggler reverses in mid-air to the Fameasser... NOPE!

Dolph rises to his feet with John still on hands and knees and starts tuning up the band but Cena sidesteps and picks the leg for the STF! AJ runs up the ramp to block the submission and save his title! Styles Clash set up, Cena reverses, AJ reverses again... STYLES CLASH! SAMI ZAYN BREAKS IT UP! Mounted punches from Sami, raining down on the champion, trading shots with Baron when he comes in.

Corbin dumps Zayn to the apron, takes a shoulder thrust and a face smash into the turnbuckle in return but still manages to swat Sami out of mid-air! Pass to the outside, back in, huge lariat on Kevin Owens! Deep Six on Styles! Ziggler runs in, big DDT countered with a pop-up drop! End of Days but Dolph slips out and passes Baron back to the floor! Corbin drags Ziggler out and tosses him over the barricade!

Following after, brawling against the inner barricade... HE SMASHES DOLPH THROUGH THE HOCKEY GLASS ON THE OUTER EDGE OF THE FLOOR! Meanwhile, Owens and Styles are fighting near the announce tables and KO clears the English and German desks. He sets AJ up on the German desk and tells him this is his show and his title only to get knocked to a knee with an enzuigiri!

Styles clotheslines Zayn into the timekeeper’s area! Cena comes over to Owens, fireman’s carry, KO blocks with elbows but AJ runs over... ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT THROUGH THE ENGLISH ANNOUNCE TABLE! Back inside, John runs into a boot from Kev and takes a lariat from Sami but rolls to the floor. Owens and Zayn turn to face each other and Kevin’s fighting mad but Sami shakes his head sadly and says he’s a man of his word.

Zayn gets on his knees and takes a seat before laying down just like he said he would! Owens hesitates but Sami tells him to do it, Kev decides to pick him up instead and Zayn catches him in a small package! We got a brawl just like the old times, folks! To the floor, Owens throws Sami into the barricade! Thinking about the apron powerbomb, Owens decides to do it ON the apron and Zayn is able to back body drop him into the apron instead!

Sami gets in Shane McMahon’s face and yells at him about how this is what he wanted, to drive a rift between them. He sees Owens coming and sidesteps... KEVIN OWENS TAKES SHANE MCMAHON OUT WITH A SUPERKICK! SAMI HITS THE SUICIDE DIVE THROUGH THE CORNER TORNADO DDT! Back inside, Zayn charges into a superkick from Owens, Ziggler in... POP-UP POWERBOMB... SHANE PULLS REFEREE BRIAN NGUYEN OUT OF THE RING! KEVIN OWENS HAD IT WON!

HELLUVA KICK! MCMAHON PULLS ZAYN OUT OF THE RING MID-COVER! Dolph makes the cover... SAMI BREAKS IT UP! Corbin hits Cena with the steps on the floor! He brings them in the ring and hits Sami with them, and Ziggler to boot! A shot for KO! John rolls back inside, but he blocks the steps and takes them, clobbering Baron with them once, twice, three times before setting them flat!


AJ Styles wins by pinfall with the Phenomenal Forearm on Kevin Owens, retaining the WWE Championship.

AJ Styles celebrates with the WWE Championship and the WrestleMania sign, as befits the champion. Meanwhile, Shane walks past Owens and Zayn down and out on the floor, and the whole time John Cena sits, shellshocked, in the corner, knowing that he’s exhausted his attempts to earn his way to WrestleMania instead of using his clout to demand a match directly.

That’s the show, folks.

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