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Brock Lesnar should no show Raw next week, right?

Whether they were forced into it or came up with it on their own, WWE has stumbled into an angle that appears to be working out for them: Brock Lesnar, the Universal champion, doesn’t care about his job and Roman Reigns, his challenger at WrestleMania 34 on April 8 in New Orleans, really does. We, then, are supposed to hate Lesnar for his indifference and love Reigns for his passion. Or, at the very least, endorse Reigns for being the guy to get rid of Brock once and for all.

So far, they’ve done well to get that across. Lesnar didn’t show up to an episode of Monday Night Raw he was scheduled/advertised for and they had Reigns cut one hell of a promo playing off real life events — like Brock getting cozy with Dana White while WWE was running its Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

They followed that up with Brock winning a 35-second match against Kane at a house show in Chicago that pissed off the fans in the arena. He gave fans in Minnesota just over 1 minute and was largely cheered because he’s from there, but even then there were a few boos sprinkled in.

WWE legitimately has a large group of fans believing what they’re selling, that Lesnar doesn’t care and doesn’t actually want to show up to work. What’s more, those fans are responding with exactly the emotion WWE was hoping to elicit: they hate him for it.

So where do they go from here?

WWE is currently promoting a face-to-face meeting between the two for next week’s episode of Raw in Detroit. Part of their promotion of that was to ask Paul Heyman what’s going to happen:

Sure, that could be laughter because Lesnar is going to light Reigns up like a Christmas tree. But we’ve seen that, haven’t we? We’ve seen every angle they can think up, a million times over, and maybe it’s time they keep this fresh by simply repeating themselves.

Have Lesnar stay home.

Play his music, do the tease, all that. But don’t bring him out. That’s the story, right? He doesn’t care about this, it’s all beneath him, and Roman Reigns is not worth his time. None of this is. So don’t bother with it.

They couldn’t do this every week leading up to WrestleMania, although I’ve talked myself into thinking they should, but they can absolutely tease like they’re going to. Maybe Brock shows up when he isn’t supposed to with a surprise attack that Reigns is powerless to stop. Everything from here on out should be done on Lesnar’s terms, and those terms should be utterly ridiculous.

They already know the fans will hate him for it, because they already do. Just keep pressing that button.


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