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Becky Lynch is bringing straight fire to her feud with Carmella, which is online exclusive

SmackDown creative’s woes are well documented - maybe even enough so that the folks making the show are aware of them.

One, but far from the only, issue is how they utilize the women’s roster. And the blue brand doesn’t even have the excuse that they’d planned on having Paige as a major part of the scene, although it’s possible problems caused by her injury trickled down from Raw. The continued delaying of an announcement about who Royal Rumble winner Asuka will chose to challenge at WrestleMania 34 has to have some impact.

Regardless, while the weeks of Charlotte Flair and friends battling The Riott Squad as build to Flair defending her Women’s championship at Fastlane against Ruby Riott haven’t done anyone a ton of favors, it has set up a pretty fun little beef between two ladies who otherwise have nothing to do.

Unfortunately, while it appears Carmella and Becky Lynch will get a match on television next Tuesday (unless “plans change”), the build has mostly taken place in the above online exclusive video and on Twitter.

Where some pretty fun shots have been landed, especially by the Lasskicker. So, in the highly likely event you missed them, here are my faves!

It didn’t start great, with Bex tagging the wrong “Carmella”:

Becky’s cover was so good you almost wonder if that whole exchange was a set-up, though:

That led to some standard banter which still served as a reminder of their history with a certain Intergender champ and a pair of controversial ladder matches which gave Ms. Money in the Bank the briefcase she’s been carrying for more than six months:

‘Mella then spends a bunch of time retweeting people who send her compliments to refute Lynch’s “nobody likes you” claim. Finally, Becky Balboa lands a clean shot with this:

Carmella has tweeted since that early morning dagger, so she’s not DED. But she has wisely decided to leave this Twitter feud alone for now.

Good thing none of this happened on television instead of cutting a few minutes out of Shane McMahon/Daniel Bryan drama that probably isn’t leading anywhere...

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