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BREAKING: WWE Superstar to appear at wrestling show as scheduled

Despite “missing” an advertised appearance on last Monday’s episode of Raw and a subsequent report he was over the number of dates in his WWE contract, Universal champion Brock Lesnar will apparently be making the show on his schedule, this Saturday, Mar. 3 in Chicago.

At least, that’s according to his advocate. But Paul Heyman also promised his client would be in Anaheim on Feb. 26, and we know what happened there. Well, actually, we don’t for sure. But we know he wasn’t on television, and we’ve heard a bunch of stories about why.

The Beast Incarnate’s been advertised for WWE’s long-awaited return to United Center for a while. He’s supposed to face Kane, another Superstar who was the subject of some confusing rumors this week, but we all forgot about that after the “Brock no showed because he’s returning to UFC except it’s all a work to get people to cheer for Roman Reigns but he still might really leave before WrestleMania 34” stuff started flying around. is covering this like it’s all news to them, too.

Make of it what you will, and we’ll see what happens Saturday night.

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