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Does Roman Reigns need a theme music change?


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Wrestling writers and fans have been speculating that WWE is trying to build up favor for Roman Reigns leading up to his main event matchup with Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 34.

We discussed this on the latest edition of the Fourth Wall Wrestling podcast.

I argued that if WWE really wants to turn the crowd reaction for Reigns, a theme music change is absolutely necessary.

Pete: “This is going to sound so silly, but it’s true. The music that Roman Reigns has is now a trigger for fans to boo. I tweeted it out on the Cageside Seats Twitter the other day.”

“It’s immediately in your mind to boo. It’s a trigger.”

Zach: “It’s part of the song at this point.”

Pete: “If you really want him to get over as a face and a savior that’s saving the WWE from this guy who is in UFC, has a PED history (Yes, I know, Roman too) with UFC, is not the greatest guy, is generally out there that he’s in it for money. If you really want to get the fans behind Roman in New Orleans, you have to change that music.”

Zach: “You’re right.”

Pete: “If you do, and you come up with something good, and he sticks with it, maybe he can take advantage of that. As long as the WWE has those first two notes—DA-NUH, DA-NU— it is just going to be boos. It’s a weird thing, and I don’t know if we’ve ever necessarily seen something like this before, but it’s true.”

Zach: “You are nailing it man. If CFO$ create a hit a for Roman, it could get him over in a way they so desperately need, and that might be the secret ingredient for the secret sauce.”

We then play Reigns’ music to see for ourselves. The discussion begins around the 17:30 mark.

For that full conversation and a discussion about our “assumed” Wrestlemania card, Bayley and Sasha, and more, listen on the player below or click here. You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

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