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Braun Strowman had a very Braun Strowman response when asked about Brock Lesnar punching him in the head at Royal Rumble

A lot has happened since then, but you might recall how way back on Jan. 28 at Royal Rumble, Brock Lesnar appeared to rock Braun Strowman with a striking combination after taking a snug knee from The Monster Among Men.

There were GIFs and everything! It was a full-blown topic of conversation!

Unlike most of Brock’s fights where he lands legit blows - those in the UFC Octagon, and at least one in WWE - we haven’t heard much from anyone closely involved in the Universal title match in Philadelphia last month.

Until now.

Strowman was asked about the exchange by The Daily Star, and he gave the most Braun answer you can think of... “Stuff happens.”

Here’s the full quote he offered the UK tabloid:

“Any time Brock and I are in the ring it’s very physical. You’re talking about two larger-than-life human beings who are fighting for dominance. Stuff happens.

It’s a contact sport – it’s not tennis. We’re not going out there to slap a ball around, we’re going out there to beat each other up. That’s what we did.”

Sadly, it doesn’t seem like Braun ended the quote with “RAWR”. But if it’s okay with you, I’m just gonna pretend that he did.

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