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Not sure if Undertaker is coming back for WrestleMania, but his politics are pretty clear

It’s just like Punxsutawney Phil sticking his head out of the ground so a bunch of Pennsylvanians can look for the groundhog’s shadow and make some claims about how much longer winter will last. Every February, a new batch of photos and videos of The Undertaker working out make their way online, and wrestling fans discuss whether the aging legend could or should work WrestleMania that year.

We’ll leave it to you to determine if this video his wife (2018 Royal Rumble standout Michelle McCool, don’t you know) posted to her Instagram of The Phenom lifting weights means he’ll be wrestling John Cena on April 8 in New Orleans.

But the shirts he’s wearing in the clip and accompanying photo make it crystal clear where the 52 year old Texan stands on a few hot button political issues...

So feel free to debate his fitness for a return to the ring, and what that means for his legacy in particular and WWE in general. But let there be no debate about the man behind the gimmick’s love of flag, country and his Constitutional right to bear arms.

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