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New report shows WWE Network subscribers up to 1.48 million

WWE Network

The Netflix of pro wrestling numbers are on the rise. Today (Feb. 8) the WWE released information on their fourth quarter financial results from 2017. A key takeaway from the report is the WWE’s continued growth of their streaming service.

Four years ago when the WWE announced their intentions to launch a streaming serviced called the WWE Network, it was met with both caution and skepticism from others in the sports and entertainment. At the time of the launch, Feb. 24, 2014, the WWE was one of the first standalone sports or entertainment brands diving headfirst into the wild west of streaming your content.

Per today’s press release:

The WWE Network’s average paid subscribers has increased to 1.48 million during the fourth quarter 2017. Network revenues, which include revenue generated by WWE Network and pay-per-view, increased 6% to $46.2 million from $43.7 million.

The Company continued to increase the global subscriber base of WWE Network, which had 1.47 million total paid subscribers (1.06 million U.S. paid subscribers and 0.41 million international paid subscribers) at the end of the fourth quarter, representing a 5% increase from December 31, 2016.

Projection for the first quarter of 2018, the WWE expects 1.53 million people to be subscribed to the Network by then.

The WWE Network is growing but far from perfect, what changes would you like to see to the $9.99 service in 2018? More original content? A different range of subscription/pricing tiers? Different non-WWE promotions aired on the Network? Other?

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