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Bob Roode didn’t ruin Rusev Day on Mixed Match Challenge commentary

Slow internet almost did, though...

To the dismay of holiday revelers around the globe, Rusev did not defeat Bobby “Bob” Roode for the United States title on SmackDown LIVE last night (Feb. 6). He also had to eat a RKO. But do you think The Handsome One would let that ruin his Rusev Day?

Hecks no!

Lana’s husband had another job to do on Tuesday night in Kansas City, and he CRUSHED his gig as live Facebook commenter during Mixed Match Challenge.

He did get a little bored waiting for the show to start:

And bad wireless almost took him out like a Glorious DDT, though:

Okay, the first two might have just been him rhyming words with “Glow”. But that’s because he was excited about Mr. and Mrs. Uso!

Even if Jimmy’s not even his first choice:

And he has an obvious favorite among Total Divas/MMC teams:

He was also a little confused about the whole guest referee thing, as evidenced by his prediction of who the WWE Universe would choose:

But once he saw the winner, he had the same reaction we all did:

Anyway... join us next Tuesday, when RuRu and Lana face Elias and Bayley on Rusev Day...

An Elated Rusev Day to you all.

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