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New Day had jokes about the Corey Graves/Booker T situation

WWE on Twitter

Throughout the Feb. 6 episode of SmackDown LIVE, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E answered fan tweets which were submitted with the hashtag #AskNewDay.

Other than reminding us once again (like last year’s WrestleMania hosting duties) that The Princes of Positivity are extremely marketable stars WWE wants to make sure are on our screens even if they’ve run out of midcard fueds and are not sure how/unwilling to use them in the main event, this also gave one of wrestling’s more irreverent acts a chance to make a few jokes about the ongoing announcer beef between Corey Graves and Booker T.

While the former Raw announcer’s name was never mentioned, the guy he thinks cost him that gig was. Two separate comments made by New Day were pretty clearly referencing Booker saying he’d kick Graves’ butt if he catches him on the street.

The first came in response to a fan question:

Big E: One guy wants to know if you think Corey Graves has a better jab, or left hook?
Kofi: We gonna find out one way or another.

The second was unprompted, with E riffing on the group coming in sixth in Daniel Bryan’s SmackDown Top 10 rankings:

Big E: 6!?!? That’s the percent chance I would give Corey Graves in a street fight!

Rumors indicate this are legitimate issues between Graves and Booker, but that’s not gonna stop your four time tag team champions from having fun with it.

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