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Mandy Rose and Goldust could be a thing after Mixed Match Challenge

When Alicia Fox suffered a broken tailbone, it forced WWE to find a replacement for her in the Mixed Match Challenge. They ultimately chose Mandy Rose to step in as Goldust’s new partner and while they lost to Jimmy Uso and Naomi on this week’s episode, they were highly entertaining while doing so, with a chemistry you may not have expected.

After, they gave an interview where they hinted at the idea of being “a thing” again.

Mandy: “Yeah, I mean it could have been a little bit of a disadvantage considering we didn’t have that much time together but it was an amazing opportunity to work with you.”

Goldust: “Mandy, I’m sorry. I feel like I let you down tonight.

Mandy: “No, no. You didn’t.”

Goldust: “My heart is hurting, you know, because I was really looking forward to this because you have something special, man. When I had the camera on you you were just glowing, and I’m not talking about them out there. You have the ‘it’ factor. You are going to be so huge and at any given day you can please, please come back and be my leading lady.”

Mandy: “Oh, I would love to.”

Goldust: “I would love that too.”

Mandy: “Let’s look at this like this might not just be a one-off, like this could be a thing.”

Goldust: “Yes! I appreciate it.”

Mandy: “RoseGold.”

Goldust: “Forever.”

Mandy: “Forever.”

Goldust: “I like that a lot.”

Mandy: “I do too.”

These two are adorable here. Something about it just works. If there’s any issue with the Mixed Match Challenge — and this would be the only one, it’s an unbelievably fun show each week — it’s that it doesn’t seem to have any effect on any other WWE television show. It happens in its own little world apart from everything else. These two, like Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman before them, are a good example why it may be time to think about changing that.

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