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WWE and Miz reportedly agree to four year contract extension

Build Presents The Miz Discussing 'The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars' Photo by Desiree Navarro/WireImage

It’s hard to imagine Intercontinental champion The Miz working anywhere but WWE, and according to a report from PWInsider, we won’t have to until at least 2022.

It was a rocky start for the MTV reality show star who was signed out of Tough Enough. Miz had to prove himself to the boys in the back, even through a run as WWE champ which saw him become the rare heel champion to retain the title at the company’s biggest show when he defeated John Cena (with an assist from The Rock) at WrestleMania 27.

Since then, he’s become a trusted hand for Vince McMahon in and out of kayfabe. Miz (real name Mike Mizanin) is a staple of the talk show circuit and a frequent star of WWE Studios films like The Marine franchise. He’s also set to headline the latest reality show, Miz & Mrs., from the company’s partnership with Bunim/Murray Productions - the folks behind MTV’s Real World franchise where Miz got his start.

His fellow wrestlers weren’t the only people who gave The A-Lister a rough reception, either. Miz was among the most hated WWE Superstars for years, above and beyond the way a villainous character is supposed to be. In the last few years, however, most have come to appreciate how hard working and good at his job he is, and he’s transformed himself into a favorite among adult/internet fans.

And now we have four more years of Miz to look forward to, at a time when rumors say the company is planning a big push for him.

Awesome, no?

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