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WWE SmackDown Live preview (Feb. 6, 2018): Hold your fire

WWE looks to turn Kansas City blue when SmackDown hits town on Feb. 6.

The Headliners

Thought the Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn alliance which started at Hell in a Cell last year was doomed to fail? YEP! You were right.

Actually, it’s probably a little too soon to start chanting “Fight Forever” again just yet. But the first signs of a split are there. While we were all wondering if commissioner Shane McMahon and General Manager Daniel Bryan were falling apart (and possibly setting up Bryan’s comeback program), SmackDown management’s plan to split The Sami and Kevin Show by pointing them both at AJ Styles’ WWE championship seems to be working.

They couldn’t manage to use the numbers game to become co-champs at Royal Rumble, and now only one of the can go after The Phenomenal One’s belt at Fastlane. Tonight, we’ll find out who.

Zayn’s been doing the heavy lifting amidst reports KO’s trying to work through back pain. Will that earn Sami a main event match in Columbus, Ohio on March 11? Or does the tandem-formerly-known-as Kami have another trick up their sleeve?

However it shakes out, Royal Rumble winner Shinsuke Nakamura is waiting in the wings. Nak really wants Styles at WrestleMania, and he might be willing to step in on the road to there to ensure he gets his wish.

The Title Scene

His open challenge gimmick didn’t last long, but Bobby Roode is getting right back to defending his United States title after a week off. Rusev celebrated his day with a win in the #1 contender Fatal 4Way. Will there be a red, white and blue Rusev Day party tonight, or will The Elated One prove to be not match for The Glorious One? Seems like the right time to give a big win to the very-over-with-live-crowds RuRu, but the belt does go well with that robe...

As tag team champs The Usos pointed out themselves last Tuesdays, they’ve pretty much cleared out the division - or put it on lock, to stick to the gimmick. With Rusev chasing singles gold, unless they’re recycling opponents, who’s next? Jimmy Uso and Naomi have a Mixed Match Challenge match after tonight’s show, but we mean after that.

The blue brand’s Women’s champion is also in a holding pattern. But while Charlotte Flair waits for Royal Rumble winner Asuka to officially make her decision, and for the evntual arrival of Ronda Rousey, she at least has The Riott Squad to deal with. After a beatdown from Ruby and her girls almost opened the door for a Money in the Bank cash-in, The Queen will look for revenge when she faces Liv Morgan tonight.

Other stuff to keep an eye on:

- He might be headed to referee on Facebook, but first, Bryan will reveal the first ever SmackDown Top 10. Voted on by the Superstars themselves, the ranking is supposed to help guide DB and Shane’s decisions as the plot a course for the good ship Opportunity. Will it lead to wrestlers lobbying and/or pressuring one another for votes? Talent complaining about how management is using it? However it works, it looks like one lass thing for the GM and the commish to argue about, and maybe another sign all that Bryan vs. McMahon posturing was never going anywhere.

- It’s wasn’t quite a Baron Corbin-level botch (and, hey, The Lone Wolf started a win streak by beating Tye Dillinger last Tuesday), but Carmella ruining her own cash-in try by knocking out the referee was quite something. At least she still has her briefcase and can try, try again.

- Harper and Rowan keep on bludgeoning, brothers and sisters. Could they be the next duo to try and break out of The Uso Penitentiary?

- “Fashion Files” made its way back to TV a week ago. It’s a mystery whether or not it will stick around, though.

Five weeks until Fastlane!

What will you be looking for on SmackDown Live tonight?

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